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Empower Your Subscription Business with Bold & SUBTA

Welcome to the Subscription Trade Association. Congratulations on taking the next step in subscription! Take advantage of the #1 resource in the subscription industry. If you’re going to be operating a subscription business, you can’t live without this!

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  • Hundreds of pieces of content showing you how to grow and scale your subscription business
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We're a community of doers, excited to share insights, make connections, and grow your subscription brand!

"SUBTA is more than just an association. This network has positively impacted BattlBox’s marketing and operations and saved us money. SUBTA has connected me with other thought leaders in the space that has led to both knowledge transfer and friendships."

John Roman

CEO, BattlBox

"Nothing compares to the SUBTA community. I'm so glad to be a part of it."

Rai Cornell

Copywriter & Content Marketing Specialist, Cornell Content Marketing

"Really proud that Bold Commerce is a part of such a wonderful organization focused on helping subscription brands scale and take it to the next level."

Jay Myers

Co-Founder, Bold Commerce

"SUBTA's greatest asset is that they bring together a community of the most knowledgeable folks in the subscription commerce world. Anyone who is anyone in the subscription space is a member of SUBTA."

Anthony Coombs

CEO & Founder, Splendies

"SUBTA continues to bring new insights to the way that we do subscriptions and relate to our subscribers."

David Kenneth Houseman

David Kenneth Houseman

Executive Director of Product, Commerce

"If you are tired of being on google all day, and being on what I call the analysis hamster wheel, where you're just researching and researching, and not executing, you want to join SUBTA. It has been a great launching pad, and even as the business grows and scales, it has been a wonderful resource. Hop off that hamster wheel and come and join us!"

Brittany Rhodes

Founder & CEO

Join the SUBTA Community for $1!

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…And More From Companies Like:

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Meet with hundreds of industry-leading suppliers, peers, and other e-commerce thought leaders at SubSummit! As a SUBTA Premium Member, you’ll have access to exclusive discounts to attend the event every year.

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  • Expand your network and business thanks to the world’s largest DTC Subscription Exhibitor Hall and  the SubSummit Hosted Buyer Program. You’ll be able to meet with pre-qualified suppliers in a 1-on-1 setting to get the tools you need to grow your subscription.

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  • Current ticket prices for premium members: $495
  • Current ticket prices for non-members: $995


Join the SUBTA Community for $1!