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SUBTA’s committees are built on the collaboration of suppliers and merchants within the subscription industry. Each committee is dedicated to building a community that promotes value, growth, and relationships.

Each committee will have co-chairs (one subscription company and one partner company). The co-chairs will set the meeting schedule and host the meetings and work with their committee members to deliver white papers, case studies, and surveys on the subscription industry. One of the co-chairs will also attend the committee board meetings to share and work with the other committees.

Membership Committee

Our Membership Committee is focused on retention and recruitment of Association members. Chair(s) and Members strive to build new and grow existing relationships with individuals entering and leading the subscription industry.

Ambassador Committee

Our Ambassador Committees mission is to be a event support liaison for all attendees. Chair(s) and Members are knowledgeable on all event and association information to ensure an impactful experience.

Best Practices Committee

Our Best Practices Committee is responsible for promoting resources to our members through various educational content pieces surrounding their six sub-committees

  • Data Analytics
  • Fulfillment
  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Growth and Marketing
  • Finance/Merger & Acquisition

Find a committee that’s piqued your interest?

We are always looking for members interested in supporting the growth of our industry.

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