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Meet Our Committees

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Chairman of the Board

Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully launched and managed several businesses. He has channeled his passion to position himself as a thought leader in the subscription industry.

Chris George

Co-Founder , SUBTA SUBTA Logo


Nancy wears many hats (Christian, wife, mother, “Gigi” [grandmother], speaker, blogger, salesperson, exercise enthusiast and lover of travel.) Having been with SFG for over 20 years, she has had the chance to strengthen her skills and support the company’s growth.

Nick has a strong supply chain and transportation background focusing on postal logistics, courier, LTL and cross-border international transportation. With more than 10 years in the industry, Nick is also fluent in international trade and import restrictions.

Nancy White

Director of Sales, SFG SFG

Nick Agnetti

Cross Border Logistic Specialist, Asendia Asendia Logo


Craig is a seasoned executive in the payment processing industry, with over 25 years of experience. As Co-Founder and CEO of Cashi, Craig has helped build Cashi as the trusted Payment Processing Partner within the Subscription industry and shares his expertise to strengthen the SUBTA community and its knowledge.

Craig Millius

CEO , Cashi


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Best Practices


Jan is a Colorado State University alumni and began her journey with Wiland in 2006. She currently lives in Colorado with her fiancé, where she enjoys the outdoors, reading, cooking and playing with her four grandchildren.

Rai Cornell is the founder of Cornell Content Marketing, a digital marketing agency that harnesses the power of the psychology of buying, emotional connection, and relationship building to help subscription businesses build long-term relationships with customers.

Jan Chandler

Division VP of Media Solutions, Wiland

Rai Cornell

Content Marketing Strategist & Senior Copywriter, Cornell Content Marketing


Jeff’s 18 years of fulfillment experience has included working with well-known brands such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Boxy Charm, Sprezza Box, Prize Candle, and Bare Essentials. He brings a unique understanding of how marketing and fulfillment complement each other.

Esther Kestenbaum Prozan is President and COO of Ruby Has Fulfillment. With over 20 years in leadership roles at e-commerce startups and retail technology companies, Esther was recently recognized by Supply Chain Digital in association with IBM as one of the top 100 women in the supply chain.

Jeff McMann

Director, New Business Development, QuickBox Fulfillment

Esther Kestenbaum Prozan

President, Ruby Has Fulfillment


Ben creates and implements data-driven strategies by starting with the customer experience we aspire to achieve and working from there. This process ensures the entire company is fully aligned and obsessed with delivering nothing but a premium customer experience.

The marketer that went to school for a technology degree, Matthew loves all things e-commerce and tries to make complex ideas understandable. He now leads QPilot’s growth efforts, trying to explain the inner workings of shipping operations for subscriptions to the masses.

Ben Smith

Chief Operating Officer , Athletic Greens

Matthew Holman

Head of Growth, QPilot

Data & Analytics

Donna oversees data initiatives that support multichannel applications across Alliant’s solutions set. Donna is the catalyst and architect of enabling Alliant’s clients to diversify their marketing efforts with a range of digital advertising solutions.

Emma believes every brand deserves an audience as unique as their data and customers through using established education and innovative statistics. As a Colorado native, Emma enjoys rock climbing, visiting new breweries and quality time with her dogs.

Donna Hamilton

SVP Data Acquisition & Activation , Alliant Data Alliant

Emma Nicoletti

Director of Predictive Client Solutions, Wiland

Growth & Marketing

John began with BattlBox in 2015 and has been involved in several e-commerce company launches, participated in two successful exits, acquired four companies, and invested in over 10. John also led a team to acquire Carnivore Club and now serves as Managing Partner with the company.

Walter is a seasoned SaaS sales and strategic partner executive focused on helping e-commerce merchants, with an emphasis on subscription brands. He’s a proponent of leveraging data and technology to help make informed business decisions.

John Roman

Chief Marketing Officer, BattlBox / Carnivore Club

Walter Long

VP, Business Development , Sublytics

Finance M&A

Errol has over 35 years of deal-making experience and co-founded Triangle Capital in 2003. Often working directly with Apparel, Retail & Consumer clients, Errol also offers experience in industries like business services, manufacturing, and transportation.

Mike Rogers serves as Vice President of Business Development at ACI Worldwide where he helps billers and merchants achieve their market share, revenue, customer experience and cost-savings goals. On the bay area baseball fields, he is known as “Coach Mike.”

Errol Glasser

Partner, Triangle Capital

Mike Rogers

Vice President, New Business Development , ACI Worldwide





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