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Resource Partner Perk Redemption FAQ

What does a SUBTA Studios interview look like and entail?

The SUBTA Studios interview process can range from 4-6 weeks with planning, recording, editing, and distribution. When you are interested in redeeming this perk, please complete the request on your perk redemption page, and our video team’s project coordinator will initiate the process.

All interviews are expected to include a merchant; this has proven to generate more overall YouTube views. All topics are subject to approval by the SUBTA team. Final interviews will be edited down to a 30-minute video that will be shared on social media and live on the SUBTA Studios YouTube Channel

What type of submissions are included in the annual content submissions?

Content submissions may include but are not limited to:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Blogs

We prefer that all content submissions be original for SEO purposes, and to allow a two-week buffer from the additional posting of the submitted content. Surveys are not permitted as a form of content. 

What can I include in my content?

Please see the approved inclusions for all content submissions:

  • Graphics
  • UTM Tracking
  • Backlinks

We recommend that you host a landing page for any downloadable material your content may include.

How long can my blog-content submission be and where will it be hosted?

Blogs are meant to provide insights into the industry and promote brand awareness for your organization. SUBTA requires blogs to be a minimum of 300 up to 1,200 words. Once submitted, our content team will review the material to ensure its relevance to our audience and provide any potential feedback.

When the blog is approved and published, it will be displayed on SUBTA’s homepage with a featured image of 6×3 aspect ratio (ex. 600 x 300px or 900 x 450px, etc) for at least one week. It will also be shared on social media and will continue to live within our blog section and your Resource Partner listing

What is the difference between a newsletter highlight and an enhanced newsletter highlight?

  • A standard newsletter highlight includes a description of your organization and the services you provide. The content should be 3-5 sentences, include your company logo and a call to action (CTA) directing to a provided landing page or your company website. 
  • A premium newsletter highlight may include two small paragraphs or less.
    • 3-8 sentences recommended
    • CTAs that lead to a “takeaway” or resource outperform those that simply lead to a contact page (ex. Promotional pricing, e-book download, video piece, tutorial blog, etc.) 
    • One high-resolution photo. Squares (800x800px – 1080x1080px) work best but we can usually accommodate any size – as long as the photo quality is great. 

Will SUBTA share exciting news or resources for SUBTA Resource Partners?

SUBTA is always thrilled to share exciting news about your organization. However, the plan for distributing this news and the content that is being shared is at the discretion of the SUBTA marketing team. SUBTA always tries to support all of its Resource Partners and Merchant Members equally while providing them with the most relevant information.

Can I export the member directory?

Exporting SUBTA directory information is not an approved process and exceeds the limitations of connecting with SUBTA Merchant Members and Resource Partners. SUBTA maintains this policy to prevent any private information from being shared, saved, or placed into any mass email or marketing campaign.

How can I connect with the members in the directory and other SUBTA channels?

Networking within the SUBTA community is encouraged and recommended! While protecting our Resource Partners’ and Merchant Members’ privacy and information, we do ask that all connections take place on a one-on-one basis and that no contact information be placed in any mass email or marketing campaign. Connecting with SUBTA Merchant Members can be done through direct message, connections, or one of SUBTA’s many channels.

Can I promote my organization on SUBTA’s social channels?

This is applicable to the Subscriptionpreneur Facebook group, the SUBTA-community platform’s ‘My Feed,’ the SUBTA Slack channel, or any other SUBTA-networking platform.

The SUBTA community is based on providing value, creating relationships, and supporting the global growth of subscription economy businesses.  SUBTA-supported channels were not created for businesses to advertise themselves, promote, or push their sales pitches on one another. There are no advertisements, sales announcements, promotions, or direct CTAs allowed.  Please refer to SUBTA’s Code of Conduct for additional information. 

Can anyone from my organization utilize the event ticket discount?

Yes! Anyone from your organization can redeem event discounts that are applicable to your level of partnership.

What is a SUBTA Lunch & Learn Webinar and what does that process entail?

Hosting a SUBTA Lunch & Learn Webinar is an opportunity to share your brand’s expertise and actionable insights with the subscription community. These events are educational and designed to help your company be seen as the industry expert on a specific topic. You must apply to be featured in one of our webinars, and a member of our team will reach out with the next steps.

The content discussed along with any additional materials must be approved by the SUBTA marketing team prior to the webinar date. The event will be recorded, edited, and stored in the SUBTA Library — accessible at all times for SUBTA Merchant Members and Resource Partners.

Have additional questions? feel free to connect with our team!

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