Frequently Asked Questions about SUBTA.


What is SUBTA?

The Subscription Trade Association, or SUBTA, is an organization for dedicated companies and individuals that want to grow their businesses, expand their network, learn more about the industry’s best practices, and move the needle in subscription commerce.

SUBTA powers many learning and networking events, such as the SubSummit, for the subscription industry.

Who can join?

Any individual who works in or alongside the subscription industry. Our membership consists of entrepreneurs, C-level executives and staff members. Thought leaders, advisors, data analysts and the media also help make up our association.

My business hasn’t launched yet. Can I still join?

Absolutely. We highly recommend joining SUBTA if you’re in the early or planning stages of your business because it’s the source for the top partners, tools and resources.

A SUBTA membership can help you start your business with confidence and a strong potential for success.

Would I be considered a Subscription Member or a Member Partner?

If you work for a subscription commerce business, you would join as a Subscription Member.

If you work for a business that does not use a subscription-based model (i.e. vendors and suppliers), you would join as a Partner Member.


I don’t remember my login. How do I get into my account?

Please contact, and a member of our team will provide a temporary password that will allow you to sign in and update your login information.

Can I share my login with other people on my team?

Everyone needs their own unique login. Soon, personal accounts will help members find resources and identify opportunities they haven’t leveraged yet.


Where can I learn about and join SUBTA committees?

Learn more about available committees here. When find the group you want to participate in, apply here.

Where can I find discounts offered by Member Partners?

Subscription Members can find discounts offered by Member Partners here.  The full list of Member Partners can be viewed here.

Member Partners can submit discounts here.

Where can I find the SUBTA Slack channel?

Once you register, you will receive an email that includes the link to the private Slack channel.

How do I submit a guest article/blog post?

Members can submit a guest article for the SUBTA blog and newsletter here.

Please note that we’re looking for inspirational, educational and original content. Articles that are approved by SUBTA will be published on the blog and featured in an edition of the weekly newsletter. Explore examples of guest articles written by SUBTA members here.


Where can I view upcoming events?

Discover upcoming events here.

How do I become a sponsor?

To sponsor the SubSummit or any of its extra outings, please complete this form.

To sponsor a different SUBTA-powered event, please book a brief meeting at A member of our team will be in touch to discuss next steps.

How do I become a speaker?

By submitting an application. The SUBTA team will review each candidate’s industry experience, area of expertise and previous presentations.

To be considered for the SubSummit, please apply here.

To be considered for a different SUBTA event, please book a short meeting with a member of our team at

What is the SubSummit?

The SubSummit is the largest event in the subscription industry. It is an annual conference for subscription box companies to network, discover vendors, obtain exclusive data and learn best business practices.

The three-day event also hosts the CUBE Awards, the industry’s first and only award ceremony.

When is the next SubSummit?

Dates, location and other details on the upcoming conference can be found on