Maximize your membership investment

All SUBTA members are invited to join a committee and help establish and develop the strategic direction of our organization.

In addition to helping shape the first and only trade association in the industry, you’ll also have the chance to further expand your network, apply your leadership skills and hone your area of expertise.

Board of Directors 

This board will focus on disruptors in the subscription industry and review deliverables prior to release to members from the Committee Board of Directors. This group will meet 4 times a year (2 via video and 2 at events hosted by SUBTA). There will be 11 members including the chair and will cross over the subscription industry not only boxes. Two of the positions on the board will be held for industry suppliers with nine being subscription companies.

Committee Board of Directors 

This board will focus on the committees within SUBTA the members will consist of one of the co-chairs from each of the committees and 5 outside members (one of these will be the chair) This committee will meet 8 times per year 6 via video and 2 at the events hosted by SUBTA. This board will focus on what the deliverables will be from each of the committees.


Each committee will have co-chairs (one subscription company and one partner company). The co-chairs will set the meeting schedule and host the meetings and work with their committee members to deliver white papers, case studies and surveys on the subscription industry. One of the co-chairs will also attend the committee board meetings to share and work with the other committees.

Membership Committee

Established to recruit new members (Regular and Partners) This committee will work with the SUBTA staff on marketing and recruiting and host a new member reception at the events hosted by SUBTA. The committee will assist with determining the benefits and price and classification of members.

Best Practices Committee

Established to fulfill the goal of developing a robust program for creating, reviewing, and distributing “best practices” for the subscription services profession.

Communications Committee

Established to oversee SUBTA’’ messaging specifically within the slack channel and the structure of the online library of documents as well as social media posts on platforms like FB, LinkedIn and YouTube, etc.

Educational Resources Committee

Established to fulfill the goal of SUBTA becoming the go-to source for expert knowledge on the subscription industry globally. They will assist with submitting the areas of education, conference sessions, white papers, and best practices. Their primary focus is to outline the formats and topics and submit to the committee board of directors who will gather additional recommendations from the committee chairs and then make a final determination.

Leadership Development Committee

Established to work with the data collection from our members and their subscribers. This committee will review the data collected by our surveys, onsite inspections, mystery shoppers and partners and translate the data into information that will be presented in an annual report and updated once throughout the year. The committee will work with the other committees to include their deliverables in the annual report. The goal is to assist our members with areas / roles within their organizations that are important for growth.

Ambassador Committee

Established to assist with the events hosted by SUBTA. This committee will meet twice a year at the events and assist with coordinating the events – they will be greeters at registration and education sessions, introduce presenters in break out rooms, assist attendees with directions and information. These members will arrive 1 day early to the events and go through orientation regarding presenters, flow of the event, where break out sessions will be held, etc.