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Beyond Subscription – Memberships and the Forever Transaction

13 min December 30, 2021

Subscriptions are everywhere, and it’s easy to understand why. Everyone wants recurring revenue. But pricing is only the first of many decisions that will lead you to a better business model. With a membership mindset, you build your offering around a forever transaction you make with the people you serve. You’re not just sending them stuff every month, you’re promising to help them to achieve an important goal. Whether your members long for the convenience of never running out of something, or the thrill of discovery, or the connection to other passionate people, there’s room to use subscriptions as the beginning of a deeper, more engaged relationship with your customers, resulting in loyalty, data insights, and, of course, recurring revenue. And she’ll be joining us to share best practices, emerging trends and practical tips that you can apply immediately. Robbie Kellman Baxter Founder, Peninsula Strategies LLC & Auther, The Membership Economy