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Meeting the Moment with Next Gen Digital Advertising

19 min October 26, 2021

By now, you’re probably tired of trying to plan and launch campaigns in these 'uncertain times.’ What is certain however is that the pandemic has only further accelerated the consumer migration en masse to connected platforms and swift adoption of digital content consumption. As people increasingly live their lives in digital environments — consuming content, transacting, organizing and socializing in digital spaces — it's imperative that the subscriptions industry meet the moment. Despite 2020’s upended plans, slashed budgets, and immeasurable complexity, subscription advertisers are met with both challenge and opportunity. To meet the moment, they must deliver timely campaigns that optimize for brand suitability, reach, relevance and ROI. Furthermore, they must drive those outcomes while creating scalable practices sustainable through the impending identity storm. Join Oracle Data Cloud’s Head of Partnership Development, Joe Frick, as he shares timely insights and carves out a new paradigm for advertising with confidence amidst the chaos in the world of digital.