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Retention Based Customer Experience

18 min December 30, 2021

In the world of subscription services you need to be able to ensure every delivery is the right one and aligns to a timely and accurate schedule. Naturally, your product needs to cater to the right audience and do a great job. But also the experience of the delivery, pickup, service and information to every repeat customer requires a full view and understanding of that individual - across their preferences, schedule of deliveries, different locations they will be at, changes and delays due to weather/travel/ family, and whenever they need any assistance through diverse channels of engagements. This panel of experts will share how they provide great experiences of their product, service, delivery, consultancy and be there for their subscribers. Moderated by customer service expert, Alon Waks, this session will teach you how to achieve this success and to continuously deliver experiences at scale. Andrew Lopez-Gallego Co-Founder & Head of Sales, Kettlebell Kitchen Inc. Matthew Gallagher CEO, Watch Gang Jordan Salvit Co-Founder, KitNipBox Alon Waks VP of Marketing, Kustomer