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Start-up to Mid-Market: Building An Insurance Program To Protect (And Grow!) Your Business

14 min March 15, 2022

Runaway jury verdicts, climate change, cyber hackers – these are a few of the causes that can paralyze a successful, growing company. In this session, Gary Reshefsky, President of Century Risk Advisors, will educate participants on the basic building blocks of a commercial insurance program designed to shift the risk of catastrophic loss away from a business. Gary has advised hundreds of companies, including some of the industry’s most successful Subscription companies, on how to grow with the peace of mind that comes from proper insurance and risk management. He will share real examples of insurance claims and how his clients were able to rely on their insurers to protect them. He will even discuss the value of having a consultative insurance broker that helps negotiate your contracts with vendors, create a safe work environment, and manage the insurance claim process.