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Whether you run a subscription box or streaming service, you’ll find the connections, strategies, and insights to run an efficient, effective brand. Together, we’ll unlock the next phase of your business.

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Subscription business models create unique opportunities for companies to cultivate lasting relationships with consumers, better predict financial metrics and inventory needs, and constantly innovate. But, there’s a lot to navigate.

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The subscription industry moves fast. Get access to exclusive conversations and connections through our members-only Facebook Group and Slack Channels. You’ll meet with industry leaders and ask the questions that matter the most to your company’s success.

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SUBTA is more than just an association. This network has positively impacted BattlBox’s marketing and operations and saved us money. SUBTA has connected me with other thought leaders in the space that has led to both knowledge transfer and friendships."

John Roman

CEO of BattlBox

SUBTA is here to have our back, to host events, to provide good information, to help us make better business decisions, and to help us network with other people in our industry. I would encourage you to join SUBTA. Get involved, be a part of the events, consume the training, and just immerse yourself in the industry and your business will be better for it.

Julie Ball

CEO & Founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow

SUBTA's greatest asset is that they bring together a community of the most knowledgeable folks in the subscription commerce world. Anyone who is anyone in the subscription space is a member of SUBTA. The community alone has helped us shape the direction of the company and helped us stay on top of industry trends and forecasts. A must for anyone serious about their subscription box.

Anthony Coombs

Founder Splendies

I want to say thanks to SUBTA because you're continuing to bring new insights to the way that we do subscriptions and relate to our subscribers.

David Kenneth Houseman

David Kenneth Houseman

Executive Director of Product, Commerce NYT