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Attend the 2018 Recurring Revenue Conference

Recurring Revenue Conference 2018—April 12, Marina del Rey Marriott, Los Angeles

Recurring Revenue Conference

Presented by Sutton Capital Partners.  Join 600+ entrepreneurs, SaaS and subscription innovators, leading VCs, private equity/angel investors and executives April 12.

8am-5:30pm followed by outdoor cocktail reception.

Key issues facing the subscription economy are discussed in this one-day event:

  • Shifting from subscription to membership
  • How and when to hire salespeople
  • How to evaluate consulting/implementation revenue vs recurring revenue
  • When and how to attract capital , from whom and on what terms

We have a lineup of industry-leading speakers who are entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors and executives.  Whether you are deeply immersed in this space, or your company is looking for new revenue streams, the Recurring Revenue Conference is the place to meet the best people in this dynamically changing market.

Register and use Promo Code: Subta25 for 25% discount. Grab your ticket and  Register at: