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The Beard Club Power Hour: Key Takeaways

subta logo Written By: The SUBTA Team
Category: Leadership & Growth

Moving the Needle. Starting and growing a 9-figure eCommerce subscription business.

We were honored to have Alex Brown, Co-Founder of The Beard Club, join us for our latest podcast! Alex — a big lover of the startup space and helping entrepreneurs position their businesses for massive growth — shared all that he’s learned throughout The Beard Club’s journey, especially in regards to scaling, retention, culture and customer service. He also discussed how the company jumped from $0 to $13 million in revenue in the first year.

Listen time: 52 minutes

Be sure to tune in at these specific times to hear Alex discuss hot topics and key moments like:

  • 2:30 How we got started? “Living in a house with a bunch of dudes, AirBnb our rooms out…”
  • 4:25 “We were called an ‘overnight success’, but in reality, there were 8 months of prep.”
  • 11:20 “You cannot scale without retention.”
  • 12:08 To drive retention, “we are focusing on product education and habit forming.”
  • 18:30 About culture, ‘we are true to the brand and who we really are…”.
  • 28:28 When you have a brand built on viral videos, how do you stay fresh and relevant?
  • 34:34 Giving back
  • 37:30 Customer service

If you prefer to skim through written content, we’ve got you covered! The transcript can be downloaded here.

BONUS: Would you like the blueprint for creating viral videos by tapping into the unconscious mind? If so, Alex shared the link, so check it out here.

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