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The Beard Club’s Applause-Worthy Content Marketing

Chris Stoikos, CEO and founder of The Beard Club, enjoys pointing out that beards aren’t a trend — they’re what nature intended.

According to Stoikos, “You don’t need to do anything to have a beard, you need to do something to not have a beard. Facial hair grows naturally, while shaving your face is actually a process whereby men directly alter what they naturally should look like. So you tell me, what is the actual trend? Shaving? Or letting your body what it is supposed to do by nature??”

This is the kind of mindset The Beard Club embraces and promotes.

Beards have been around for centuries, but long and impressive ones have become the ubiquitous trend. More men are rocking facial hair thanks to leaders like Stoikos and his partner, Alex Brown, social media and the rise of personal growth, health and spirituality movements.

The Beard Club has experienced a lot of success by catering to men who sport these long beards, shipping nearly 1.5 million boxes over the past two years. But after adjusting the brand’s focus, Stoikos found that “the most exciting opportunity for our growth is by connecting those with short beards to this amazing new personal care category that they are going to love. In the last 6 months we have seen a massive shift in our customer base that indicates how willing men are to grow a beard, and excited they are to take care of it as a reflection of their self worth. Beard care is not just for big beards!”

The company continues to launch new products and engaging, straightforward videos that speak not only to those with large beards, but to all men who are willing to wear beards as a statement of identity, self expression and confidence.

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