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BigCommerce Leverages Chargify to Better Serve Its Merchants

  • Nadine Ghiran - SUBTA
  • Oct 7, 2021
  • 4 minute read

BigCommerce, an open Software as a Service (SaaS) e-commerce platform, announced on Monday, Oct. 4, an integration partnership with Chargify, a leading billing and subscription-management platform. 

The partnership — which is in collaboration with Ebizio (an app developer) — will implement Chargify’s subscription billing solutions into BigCommerce’s software offering.


“Chargify and Ebizio both share our desire to help merchants sell more and grow faster to maximize success,” said Russell Klein, BigCommerce’s Chief Commercial Officer, in the press release.

Read on to learn more about BigCommerce’s calculated decision and how it will impact the company’s SaaS offering and the subscription industry as a whole.

Chargify’s Innovative Subscription Offering

Chargify is the leader in usage-based and events-based billing for subscription businesses, according to Matt Downs, Chargify’s Chief Revenue Officer. Its dynamic billing and subscription management tools are trusted by more than 1,200 brands. 

“The uniqueness of our platform allows e-commerce providers something straight out of the box in order to complement and do subscription billing in a more sophisticated way,” Downs told SUBTA.

With Chargify’s software engine, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) merchants are able to sell products faster online, track subscription revenue, customer trends, and product purchases from one centralized dashboard, and use an easy, one-click installation with, according to the press release. 

These features allow for comprehensive tracking that can be used to decrease churn and strengthen customer relationships. 

Furthermore, Chargify’s ‘automated revenue’ reports can show merchants how to scale their businesses and provide better value-driven products to their customers.

Together, BigCommerce and Chargify — a partnership that’s nine months in the making, according to Downs — are well-positioned to play a pivotal role in the B2B shift toward subscription e-commerce, accelerating the growth of the subscription industry.

“This is just a great illustration of another place in the subscription economy continuing to enlarge and erode the traditional markets where you pay for things upfront,” Downs said.

An Integration That Just Makes Sense

BigCommerce’s decision to include a billing and subscription management solution is an added value the company’s 60,000+ merchants will appreciate.

“Subscription billing is a terrific way for merchants of all sizes to increase their lifetime value, create an even better ongoing, regular relationship with their customers and drive superior predictability for their top and bottom lines,” Klein told SUBTA.  

Furthermore, BigCommerce is enabling its customers to implement a subscription business model that modernizes their e-commerce brands. “I can say a majority of our B2B merchant base want to explore or deploy subscriptions,” said Klein.

Klein described Chargify as well-recognized in brand and reputation and it was clear that the company was the perfect solution for BigCommerce. “We’ll definitely win more merchants by virtue of having this strategic partnership,” he told SUBTA.

“With BigCommerce being the best Open SaaS e-commerce platform for B2B companies, and Chargify being a powerful B2B-centric subscription platform, the integration between the two only makes sense,” said Brian Antczak, owner of Ebizio, in the press release.

BigCommerce’s subscription-based customers are perfectly positioned to grow their businesses through Chargify’s integration. “Overall, our view is that as we bring Chargify to market with us and give our merchants access to their capabilities, it will drive greater success which then will naturally lead to the overall subscription industry growing at an even greater rate,” Klein told SUBTA.

BigCommerce’s Role in the Subscription Industry

BigCommerce specializes in SaaS solutions that build, innovate and grow e-commerce brands. The company’s software assists in online-store creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and improving e-commerce performance efficiencies.

In Q2 2021, BigCommerce reached $49.0 million in revenue, with $34 million from subscriptions — a 42% year-over-year increase. 

The company expects itself — a total goal of $212 million in annual revenue for 2021 — and its merchants to reach new heights with Chargify at its side.

“Our merchant count continues to grow at a great rate,” Klein told SUBTA. “I would expect our partnership to increase both integrations from our current B2B merchant base and drive interest from B2B merchants looking to digitize their business with the added value of offering subscription billing for their customers.”

The global subscription e-commerce market is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. “Our projections indicate the subscription economy will reach $1.5 trillion by 2025,” said Igor Krasnykh, CEO of TechnWeb, Inc. (dba PowerSync), at SubSummit 2021.

Subscriptions are evident in every aspect of life and customers are appreciating more value-based billing methods, according to Downs. Chargify is leveraging its tools to accelerate this market trend and grow its B2B SaaS customer base. 

“The customer experience doesn’t end in the checkout,” Downs said. “That billing is actually part of the customer experience.”

With the subscription industry shaping the future of e-commerce, BigCommerce and Chargify’s new partnership could accelerate the already monumental growth the industry is experiencing.

Key takeaways:

  • BigCommerce is integrating Chargify’s billing and subscription management solutions to better serve its customers.
  • Chargify’s key offerings provide a one-click install, a centralized dashboard, and an out-of-the-box integration.
  • BigCommerce has been able to create a loyal customer base of over 60,000 merchants this past year.
  • The global subscription e-commerce market is projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2025, according to Igor Krasnykh of TechnWeb, Inc. (dba PowerSync).

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