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Bulu Box Power Hour: Key Takeaways

  • SUBTA Team
  • Nov 8, 2017
  • 1 minute read

Customization is the hot topic. Is your data ready?

Last week, Bulu Box’s CEO, Paul Jarrett, shared with us how his team approaches customization, as well as the Turnkey Subscription Box programs they build for billion-dollar retailers. For those who couldn’t attend or just want to rewatch the presentation, we’ve made the webinar available for you to watch online!

View time: 52 minutes

Be sure to tune in at the following times to hear hot topics, including:

  • 8:18 “We spent a ton of money to learn what it means to ‘build your own Bulu Box.” Did it work? Watch here.
  • 24:15 Do you have a clear picture of the tradeoffs your subscribers will make in terms of personalization, price and quality? Paul shares the Bulu Box personalization spectrum demonstrating brand specific tradeoffs.
  • 36.15 “So here is my big takeaway: don’t mess up like we did …”

If you prefer to skim through written content, we’ve got you covered! The transcript can be downloaded here.

Key takeaways

  • Understand what you’re promising customers.
  • Test, test, test.
  • Words matter: personalized, customized, tailored…
  • Let your end goal be your guide, not just churn
  • Don’t try to be something you’re not
  • Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.
  • Customer surveys don’t always equal subscriber sales