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FabFitFun Teams Up with RangeMe to Promote Diversity in its Subscription Box

  • Jackson Reynosa - SUBTA
  • Mar 24, 2021
  • 3 minute read

FabFitFun, a leading lifestyle subscription box, is partnering with RangeMe to expand its product offerings. Through a new portal on FabFitFun’s site, the platform will use RangeMe’s product discovery features to acquire new sign-ups from diverse suppliers looking to grow their e-commerce sales. 

FabFitFun defines ‘diverse suppliers’ as those with more than 51% ownership or oversight by minority, women, veteran, LGTBQ+, or disabled groups. If involved, suppliers can expect their products to reach significantly more clientele, as FabFitFun has over 1 million active subscribers

This partnership could be beneficial for FibFatFun, RangeMe, and the subscription community as a whole.

Improving Curation to Optimize Customer Acquisition and Retention

Close to 30% of subscription box consumers prioritize having a personalized box. By partnering with RangeMe, FabFitFun is now able to outsource more inventive suppliers, which can widen the selection of products made available to its users. 

“We are constantly looking for the most diverse set of brands and products that will surprise and delight women of all ages, backgrounds and interests,” states FabFitFun’s Co-Founder Katie Rosen Kitchens

The subscription industry has seen a 437% growth over the past decade. As more companies enter the market, curation tactics are crucial to acquire and retain customers. Users who subscribe to personalized products account for 55% of the total market share. 

Every season, FabFitFun has users choose 3-5 items, which it uses to create personalized subscription boxes full of surprise. The company’s effort to diversify its supplier network offers more opportunity to enhance its curation process. This may enable FabFitFun to provide more variety in each box, thus optimizing the company’s customer acquisition and retention.

Aligning With Consumer Values

FabFitFun’s partnership with RangeMe has the ability to resonate well within its target demographic — 18 to 34-year-old women who are enthusiastic about beauty, style, nutrition, and fitness. More than 80% of millennials prefer to shop from brands that align with their values.

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FabFitFun’s dedication to diversity could appeal to many of its users. The recent country-wide protests and increased racial awareness led many to support minority-owned businesses. The consumers’ wish to see diversity in the products marketed to them urged many companies to create inclusive communities surrounding their brand. FabFitFun can upkeep its support of diverse businesses through a partnership that seeks to highlight minority-led companies.

In 2020, the company spent $29 million on minority-owned businesses, and $100+ million on women-owned businesses, according to Glossy. This new partnership with RangeMe will strengthen the subscription box company’s commitment to diversity while extending its network of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), women, and LGBTQ-owned offerings.

“The diversity of our suppliers has been, and remains to be, of utmost importance to our team, our members and our community,” states Kitchens. 

With the help of RangeMe’s 125,000+ supplier base, FabFitFun will look to acquire new customers and keep existing subscribers— all while promoting diversity and giving suppliers from different backgrounds more exposure. 

Key Takeaways:

  • FabFitFun will use RangeMe to grow its network of suppliers that are at least 51% owned by minority, women, veteran, LGTBQ+, or disabled groups.
  • In 2020, FabFitFun spent $29 million on minority-owned businesses, and $100+ million on women-owned businesses
  • By diversifying its supplier network, the lifestyle subscription box company may improve users’ curation experience

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