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How Chargebee’s Acquisition of Customer Retention Platform Brightback Helps Maximize Your Revenue Growth

  • Kelly Knutson, Head of E-Commerce Sales & Guy Marion, CEO & Founder - Brightback
  • Jan 25, 2022
  • 2 minute read
  • Chargebee

Brightback supports startups with an Essentials Plan. For companies with 1,000+ monthly cancellations, there is a Performance Plan. To learn more about how you can optimize customer retention and minimize churn, contact

Chargebee, the leading subscription management platform — and a SubSummit 2022 sponsor —  announced last week that it has acquired customer retention platform Brightback to provide world-class customer experiences and revenue optimization strategies for B2B and direct-to-consumers (DTC) businesses of all sizes. 

Customer retention is top of mind for subscriptionpreneurs coming off of two years of pandemic-driven growth in sectors spanning e-commerce, food delivery, health, streaming media, and Software as a Service for remote teams. Brightback’s retention solutions deliver automation with a personal touch, and, by reducing 23% of online cancellations, help high-growth startups and enterprises alike reduce churn, increase lifetime value, and surfacing benchmarked intelligence to improve their services.

With Brightback’s churn deflection and predictive churn diagnosis, subscription businesses can avert potential churn based on aspects such as customer profile, plan types, offers based on cancellation reasons and more. 

“It was only a few years ago that a subscription-based coffee company, for example, had a fair amount of the market, but now there are hundreds of subscription coffee companies all vying for the same customers. By partnering with Brightback, we are able to help merchants retain customers in this competitive landscape by giving them access to critical customer and revenue data,” said Kelly Knutson, Head of E-Commerce Sales for Chargebee.

Brigthtback helps leading subscription brands like Freshly save customers from canceling online with personalized cancellation experiences, optimized off-boarding processes through testing and targeting, and aggregated insights to drive product and company improvements. 

Brightback’s native integration into Chargebee’s subscription billing record allows e-commerce merchants to quickly launch and test retention and winback campaigns that reduce churn, increase customer lifetime value, and simplify the user experience for online consumers all without the need for engineering.

“Brightback’s integration partnership with Chargebee has enabled some of the fastest-growing startups, including Vital Proteins, MeUndies and Touchnote to quickly launch and evolve high-performance retention flows,” said Guy Marion, CEO and Founder of Brightback. “The pandemic is merciless as we all know, and in the case of Vital Proteins, they were looking for a way to slow churn during this time and thankfully, and in quick work, we were able to increase the LTV by two or three times within six months.” 

In addition to working with Chargebee, Brightback will continue to integrate with in-house (homebuilt) subscription management systems and other subscription management tools. “We love being a part of Chargebee but will remain platform agnostic to meet the specific needs of our existing and future customers,” added Marion.

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