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How to Get Content Sites to Notice You

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Contributed by Ignite OPM, a Platinum SUBTA Resource Partner

Content sites have shifted their sights to performance marketing as a way to generate revenue for their publications. The number of content sites aggressively working on an affiliate basis has more than doubled in 2019. Recent Ignite OPM client findings showed content partnerships grew significantly year over year with a combined 15% increase in sales, clicks, and revenue from Q1 2018 to Q1 2019. So, the question is, how can your brand leverage this shift? 

Step 1: Don’t Make it About You

Content sites are looking for a story. Don’t just feed them your sales pitch, think outside the box – tell the editorial team what’s unique about your brand and how it’s relevant to their audience. Explain what’s new and how it relates to everything else happening around us each day.

Step 2: Offer a Variety of Assets

Offering a library of creative makes your brand appealing because editorial won’t have to wait weeks for assets before publishing. This library should include creative of different sizes for different placements and devices, high-quality lifestyle images, and vertical and horizontal video. Video boosts SEO – making it especially important because this asset increases the writer’s willingness to write about your brand over another.

Step 3: Competitive Payout

This is simple. The higher the payout, the more competitive the offer. Publishers will be motivated to push the product because, at the end of the day, it’s more cash in their pockets. A rule of thumb for subscription products in the performance and affiliate space is to pay the publishers the same amount as the cost of the first box. Typically, this model will back out if you have a minimum of a 4-month retention rate. Understanding the payout structure early will help increase publisher consideration and onboarding from the start.

Step 4: Build Your Relationship

Content performance partnerships are more about relationships than any other type of performance partnership. Strong relationships with content publishers enable your brand to understand how to align your product with the publisher’s audience. Going the extra mile by sending products, even though no review is guaranteed, can go a long way in influencing content publishers to include your brand in their article or listicle. The publisher may not be writing about the product now, but editors may change their tune after interest spurs from multiple brands in the same category.

Ignite’s Director of Media, Abby Campbell, says:

Having relationships with some of the largest mass media companies in the industry, such as Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, and Forbes, have been crucial for us. The performance model is growing explosively. Ignite OPM has seen this growth firsthand because we’ve partnered with a lot of these well-known publications since day one. Our team has helped to support these publishers when they’ve had questions about their performance offerings, and they’ve supported our clients in return. It’s all about persistence and nurturing the relationship.

Content partnerships working on an affiliate model are growing exponentially – don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity. Thinking outside of the box, offering a variety of relevant assets, a competitive payout, and maintaining great relationships can lead brands to success in the performance content space. 

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Written by Ignite OPM, a Platinum SUBTA Resource Partner.
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