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SUBTA is an ever-growing community of innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and dedicated teams that are eager to scale their businesses and catalyze the subscription industry.

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Whether your company is a box of products, an online service or a retail store that added a subscription component, you are the innovative businesses who work with a subscription commerce model.

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Suppliers are businesses that are dedicated to offering valuable products and/or services to subscription-based companies around the world.

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[The SubSummit] is on my calendar repetitively for each year until I’m dead 🙂 My favorite event of the year.

Michaela Taylor


“If you’re in the e-commerce space and you are not thinking of a way to pivot to a subscription model, you’re behind the 8 ball”.

Chris George

Gentleman’s Box

The Subscription Summit is a fantastic event…and the beginning of something great.

Michael Broukhim


Subscription boxes are the future of product discovery.

Liz Cadman


Subscription based e-retailing is one of the fastest growing online segments.

Internet Retailer

March ‘16