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Meet the NFT Subscription That Ships Free Coffee to its Members

  • Sabrina Mullens - Marketing Intern
  • Feb 2, 2022
  • 3 minute read

Bored Breakfast Club and Yes Plz have partnered to create the first non-fungible token (NFT) coffee subscription

Bored Breakfast Club consists of 5,000 NFT breakfast scenes living as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Its partnership with Yes Plz, a craft-roasted coffee subscription, is enabling its members to receive free coffee shipped right to their doors. 

Read on to learn more about the new partnership between Bored Breakfast Club and Yes Plz and how the two companies are using this NFT subscription to provide added value to their members.

Membership Through NFTs

Sumi Ali, CEO and Co-Founder of Yes Plz explained in the press release how the partnership with Bored Breakfast Club is impacting the business. 

“This is a new take on how to do a coffee subscription,” Ali says, “(…) We’re excited about this partnership because it helps us accomplish our goal of delivering Yes Plz beans to more people around the world.”

NFT holders can claim one bag of coffee per token during each coffee release, which are about five weeks apart. In order to claim their coffee, members must visit the Bored Breakfast Club website and enter their shipping information each time a new blend drops.

Other benefits to the NFT subscription include exclusive access to Bored Breakfast Club’s online community, digital content portfolio, live events, and discounts on additional coffee roasts, according to the press release.

Bored Breakfast Club also created the Community Coffee Wallet, which is funded by NFT royalties alongside coffee and merchandise sales proceeds. The Community Coffee Wallet covers shipping costs for members after the first shipment.

Bored Breakfast Club’s Collection of NFTs

Bored Breakfast Club’s NFTs are unique digital breakfast scenes that serve as a membership token for the coffee subscription.

The company’s collectible NFT memberships quickly sold out after going on sale on Jan. 10, according to the press release. Those who were unable to purchase a token could do so through secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Bored Breakfast Club’s innovative approach shows how NFTs can enhance subscription offerings and provide added value to consumers.

The Value of the NFT Subscription

NFTs are new tools for subscription businesses to offer exclusive utilities to their customers. 

Christopher George, Co-Founder and Chairman of SUBTA, stresses the importance of NFTs providing consumers with exclusive value. 

“An NFT is more than an image — the value of an NFT comes with its utility, whether that be exclusive access to events, a community, or discounts,” he says. “Know what your NFT is allowing you to do.”

One subscription company currently focusing on NFTs is Nifty Box, the world’s first subscription box for digital collectibles and NFTs. Subscribers have access to multiple drops per month, including collectible cards, artwork, and badges. Some NFTs may also be redeemable for physical goods and services.

In a SubSummit 2021 session, Jonathan Blanco highlighted the impact of NFTs on consumers.

“If your consumer is coming back to your [subscription] to look at your NFT, you’ve created a really interesting loyalty opportunity for them,” he explained.

Brad Klemmer, Co-Founder of Kley — the agency that founded Bored Breakfast Club — says that this project is one of the firsts of its kind as it consistently provides both a digital and a physical value to members.

“We’re completely rethinking the way subscription models have traditionally operated by offering coffee lovers the opportunity to join in on a membership that provides real-world utility and access to a digital coffee community.”

Key Takeaways

  • Bored Breakfast Club and Yes Plz have partnered to create the first NFT coffee subscription.
  • NFT holders unlock free shipments of exclusive roasts from Yes Plz on a continuous basis.
  • Bored Breakfast Club’s NFTs are unique digital breakfast scenes that serve as a membership token.
  • NFTs are an opportunity for subscription businesses to diversify their offerings and reach new customers.

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