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New Gaming Service Hopes To Be The Netflix of Indie Video Games

Video gamers have an array of services to choose from when they’re looking for cool, new games.

Most of these companies do an excellent job of offering low costs and keeping up with players’ wants, but their downfall is that they can focus too much on big franchises and not enough on independent developers.

Recently, the gaming world was introduced to Jump, a subscription service that focuses primarily on premium indie games. Often times these games are overlooked in other services because there’s either too much to choose from or they simply can’t compete against big names.

Jump’s CEO, Anthony Palma, says: “We want to be like Netflix or HBO, where movies go after they’ve gone through their premium sales cycle in the theater. Award-winning games, highly rated games, or runaway best sellers. Steam was so good in its early days because of its curation. We took the same approach.”

If that’s not enough to celebrate, Jump is also sharing 70% of its revenues with developers.

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