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Gravy's customer retention specialists help companies with recurring subscriptions recover failed credit card payments and reduce churn.

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Customer Retention Management

At Gravy, we love to watch our clients win, and that’s why we are on a mission to strengthen our clients’ businesses by removing the pain of failed revenue.
We specialize in relational and personalized customer retention through failed payment recovery at scale for businesses with recurring revenue models.
If your business relies on recurring payments Gravy can help you recover your hard-earned revenue and return it right back into your business.

Articles written by Gravy

How Involuntary Churn is Affecting Your Subscription Business

Preventing churn is challenging for every subscription business. Learn the different types of churn and how to limit them with Gravy's help.

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Gravy’s Human Expertise in Customer Retention Raises $4.5 Million in Funding

Gravy's customer retention strategy raised the company $4.5 million. Its goal is to return $1 billion in failed subscription payments by 2023

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