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Customer Retention Management
e-Commerce Platform

Vindicia, an Amdocs company, supports B2C businesses that rely on subscriptions and recurring revenue. Our SaaS-based platform helps fuel growth across the entire subscription management lifecycle, delivering higher revenue at every stage. Our clients acquire, bill, retain, and grow—as they deliver a frictionless experience to their customers. We provide flexibility and remove the stress from subscription management, so our clients can innovate without worrying that billing will hold them back.

Articles written by Vindicia

The New E-Commerce Transformation is Subscription Based and Coming to your Door

Modern consumership focuses on brand identity, convenience, and personalized offerings. Welcome to the e-commerce subscription revolution.

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The Rundle: A Lucrative Intersection of Recurring and Bundled Services

The rundle — or “recurring bundle” — bundles two or more subscriptions for consumer convenience and greater profitability. Learn more.

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