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Wiland brand-unique audiences are modeled to produce immediate response in consumer and B2B customer acquisition campaigns.

specializes in
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Growth Marketing

Wiland is the best predictor of subscriber response. With brand-unique audiences that drive superior campaign results, Wiland brings the future of people-based marketing to publishing and subscription brands across all addressable channels by equipping advertisers with the most accurate media targeting possible.

Articles written by Wiland

Using Data to Drive Retention – w/ Emma & Heidi of Wiland

Every impression​ counts, accuracy is everything. And accuracy requires data​. Or a magic eight ball. Join the female lead team at Wiland as they share their subscription industry​ expertise.

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Consumer Behavior During COVID-19

Data is emerging to help businesses understand consumer buying trends during the pandemic. This report found a pattern in three crucial aspects of marketing

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What to Expect When Optimizing For LTV

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