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Red Hat’s New E-Learning Subscription Service Enhances Users’ IT Expertise from Home

  • Jackson Reynosa - SUBTA
  • Apr 7, 2021
  • 3 minute read

Red Hat, a leading software company in open-source solutions, recently launched a premium subscription service that promotes e-learning for IT professionals.

The company’s products help enterprises implement automation and storage systems across cloud environments. Aside from its enterprise offerings, Red Hat sells individual subscription courses for engineers and IT employees looking to make virtual career advancements. Its curriculum specifically helps users adapt to new technologies and meet the demands of their everyday work environments.

Red Hat’s programs have helped employees meet managers’ productivity expectations almost 80% faster than those who didn’t sign up. Its premium subscription offering could help increase those numbers with additional courses, hundreds of virtual labs, and certifications for IT professionals. Red Hat Subscription Premium will help finance, tech, healthcare, and government enterprises see improvements in workplace efficiency.

Read on to learn how Red Hat is tailoring its products and services to its subscribers’ needs to drive up customer acquisition and retention rates.

Rising Trends in E-Learning

Cloud-based learning labs, certification courses, and training seminars are pushing the online learning market to new heights. In 2019, the e-learning market received a $171 billion valuation, and the industry is expected to grow by more than 10% each year until 2025.

E-learning companies like Red Hat are continually creating and modifying their platform to appease users’ needs, even more so with what the world just went through in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic drastically altered work habits, with more than 36 million Americans expected to be working remotely by 2025 – an 87% increase from pre-pandemic statistics, according to CNBC. 

“The events over the past year have changed the landscape for learning. Our customers expect flexible learning options that align to the new normal of working from anywhere and learning in the flow of work,says Ken Goetz, the Vice President of Training and Certification at Red Hat.

Adapting the Subscription Offering to the Customers’ Needs

Before adding a premium-level service tier, the company offered three subscription options:

The Developer Tier

$3,500/yr for 12 training units

  • Developer-specific courses
  • 100 hours of hands-on labs
  • Three certification courses
  • 10 course e-books

The Basic Tier 

$6,000/yr for 20 training units

  • 400 hands-on labs
  • Early access to courses
  • 1,000 instructor videos
  • 10 course e-books

The Standard Tier 

$7,000/yr for 24 training units

  • Everything in basic
  • Expert seminars
  • Five certification exams
  • Instructor office hours

Going premium at $8,000 for 27 units opens up access to focused training sessions, expert chat availability, and more flexibility to learn from anywhere. Additionally, the premium model will offer self-paced or instructor-led options, full courses that cover all of Red Hat’s software offerings, and easier interaction between instructors and students.

The Premium Tier 

$8,000/yr for 27 training units – as seen on

  • Everything in standard
  • Self-paced or instructor-led options
  • Flexibility to train from anywhere
  • Courses that span entire product portfolio
  • Interaction with instructors and students
  • Access to helpful resources

“Red Hat training increases our overall knowledge and improves our ability to stay up to date on newer technology advances. It also enhances the ability to work with other team members more cooperatively and serves as a resource for others in terms of development activities,” the company states.

Red Hat is also making a significant effort to expand its standard subscription tier’s foreign language capabilities. The platform now offers chat translation in nine languages for those seeking support and video classroom translations in 11 different languages. This initiative was designed to attract more users from diverse backgrounds and regions around the globe. 

The virtual learning environment is growing, and Red Hat is looking to do the same. “With the Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium, we’re providing users with a modernized, flexible experience that allows our customers to fill critical skill gaps quickly and effectively so they can accelerate their IT transformation efforts,” says Goetz.

Key Takeaways: 

  • More than 36 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025.
  • Red Hat announced a premium subscription service that costs $8,000 and helps IT professionals develop their skills from home.
  • The company offers services in 11 different languages.

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