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With Launch Of Sports Crate, MLB Fans Get Monthly Merchandise And VIP Experience Surprises

One of the coolest, geekiest companies to come along for kids and adults in recent years has been Los Angeles-based Loot Crate. The subscription-based company mails you each month a box filled with goodies that arrives at your door filled with random merchandise. The excitement of the business model is, you don’t know what you’ll get until it arrives. The mystery of the contents makes for anticipation and given that some of the contents are things you’d find nowhere else, you’re getting some cool stuff that your friends will be jealous of (it should be noted I’m looking at a unique Deadpool figurine on my desk that came out of a Loot Crate from my son’s subscription as I type).

The business model has not only worked, it’s been a smashing success turning it into the fastest-growing company in America.

Now, the Loot Crate model is moving into new territory.

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