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Subscription Box Packaging

Subscription Box Packaging

In recent years, the popularity of subscription box services has skyrocketed. Now, people can subscribe to a wide range of products, from clothing and apparel to dog toys and treats.

There are several elements that have made these services successful, such as the suspense and surprise of not knowing what you’ll get, the convenience of having items delivered on a schedule to your front door and, most importantly, the presentation of their packaging.

If you are in the process of offering a subscription box service and want to incorporate a packaging solution that will make your service stand out from the crowd, check out these tips and ideas:

Packaging Branding is Essential

When selling subscription boxes, you’re marketing an unboxing experience just as much as you’re marketing products. When customers receive their subscription, they need to closely associate that experience with your brand in order to keep them coming back. This is why all of the most successful subscription box services employ packaging that prominently displays their name, logo, slogan, and other essential branding elements.

Get Creative with Packaging Materials

For subscription boxes, ordinary packaging isn’t going to cut it. When you’re selling an experience, the package that the subscription comes in is closely tied to that experience. Therefore, it is important to get creative with the materials and design that you use in your packaging.

Thankfully, there are several options available to choose from. You may want to make your subscription boxes out of corrugated using a specific folding design or die cut, or you may even choose to use wood or another medium in the packaging. Utilizing a packaging provider who can provide customized packaging solutions, will allow you to collaborate with packaging engineers to dive further into the practicalities of the designs you are considering. Together, you should be able to create a highly unique packaging design that will set your subscription service apart from the competition.



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