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Celebrate Subscription Day
on October 9!

What is Subscription Day?

If you’ve logged onto Netflix, Amazon Prime, or your Peloton profile in the last week, congratulations!

You’re officially part of the subscription community, where convenience and personalization both meet to create the ultimate customer experience.

Whether you are a subscription lover or a subscriptionpreneur, this is your opportunity to celebrate the role subscriptions play in your lives.

The Subscription Day Story

The word “subscribe” is defined as — wait, did you fall asleep already? Come on! We barely even got started! But maybe it’s time to try a different approach…

Sometime in the 1800s is when subscriptions first — allegedly — emerged.

Utilities, insurance, and more have made you part of the subscription community for years!

Believe it or not, there are even subscriptions to manage your subscriptions nowadays!

So why make a day to celebrate subscriptions?

Celebrations are fun, first of all. But they also help us take a step back on what makes life more enjoyable!

Reading a new book every month that is curated to your tastes and delivered to your door is cause for celebration.

Interacting with family or friends who live thousands of miles away with just one click is cause for celebration.

Plopping on the couch after a long day and being able to watch your favorite show on demand is cause for celebration.

Treating your pet(s) with new amazing toys and snacks you don’t have to look for at the store is cause for celebration.

Immersing yourself into a whole other virtual universe is cause for celebration.

Operating the kitchen like a pro through new recipes delivered every month is cause for celebration.

Now do you see why subscription day is a thing?

How to Celebrate the FIRST-EVER Subscription Day

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In the meantime, have the best holiday season ever!

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