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A FREE virtual event with talks from leading innovators in the subscription industry.

12-4 pm EST

July 30th, 2020

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What to Expect

You’ll hear insights and inspiration from the leading innovators in the subscription industry. Subscriptions have an important role in people’s live now more than ever before.

Short Meaningful Talks

Hang out and listen to these short talks with leading innovators in the subscription industry. Live Q&A during each speakers session.

Virtual Expo Hall

Check out the Virtual Expo Hall filled with the top industry partners and services. Interested in having a virtual booth? Check out the sponsor opportunities

Networking Lounge

The closest we can get to meeting in person. Hang out and chat with other attendees and build relationships with other in the industry.

Who’s Speaking

Nancy Harhut

Chief Creative Officer at
HBT Marketing

Alison Chew

Founder at

Peter Wexler

Head of Care by Volvo at
Volvo Cars USA

Lucas Dickey

Co-Founder at

Matt Davis

CEO at
Mosaic Foods

Mike Altman

Sr. Retention Marketing Manager at
Who Gives A Crap

Craig Millius

CEO at

Alli Hobbs

Sr Data Manager at
Purple Carrot

Sarita Brooker

Revenue Director at
YMCA of Greater Houston

Korina Sanchez

Affiliate Marketing Manager at
Home Chef

John Tabis

Founder & Chairman at
The Bouqs Company

Billy McClennan

Partner Manager at

Sean Amicucci

Membership, Marketing and Communications Director at
Meadville Family YMCA

Eric Carlson

Co-Founder at
Sweat Pants Agency

Patrick Campbell

Founder and CEO at

Brian Murphy

Vice President Sales at
Ryder Integrated Logistics

Brad Smith

Sr. Director, Industry Engagement and Advocacy at

Ryan Singerline

Director of Customer Logistics at
Ryder Systems

Robbie Deeks

Chief Commercial Officer at

John Roman

Chief Marketing Officer at

Paul Chambers

President & Co-Founder at

Christopher George

Co-Founder & Chairman at

John Haji

Co-Founder at

Schedule Overview

SUBTA Theater

Expert Experience


SUBTA Theater Welcome to Subscription Innovations

Welcome and opening address from SUBTA Co-Founders Paul Chambers, Christopher George, and John Haji.


SUBTA Theater Data-Based Decision Making: Trends and Projections in DTC Subscription

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription has seen some explosive growth during the pandemic, but is it here to stay or will churn become the dominating metric? Tune in as we kick off Subscription Innovations with Patrick Campbell, CEO and Co-Founder of ProfitWell and Paul Chambers, CEO and Co-Founder of the Subscription Trade Association dive into the data and metrics behind it all.

Expert Experience Subscription Never Smelled So Good

Were floral arrangements a "bloom" or a bust during the pandemic? Hear from John Tabis, Executive Chairman, The Bouqs on how they are "growing" through these challenging times.


SUBTA Theater COVID Impact on Meal Delivery Kits

Stuck inside their homes and facing food shortages, many in quarantine have started to turn to meal kits and meal delivery services. Hear first-hand how three top meal companies adjusted and adapted to a quickly changing landscape. Moderated by Alison Chew, Founder of and joined by Matt Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Mosaic Foods, Alli Hobbs, Sr. Data Manager at Purple Carrot, and Korina Sanchez, Affiliate Manager at HomeChef.

Expert Experience How Rise Gardens & Ryder Helped Combat Pandemic Food Shortages

Struggling to deal with fluctuating demand? Have there been unexpected interruptions in your supply chain? Rise Gardens had only recently launched their business when the pandemic hit, leading to an influx of consumers searching for a way to provide sustainable and fresh produce for their families. Increased complexities of shipments from overseas turned into a headache. That’s when they turned to their supply chain partner so they could focus on what they did best, creating smart, indoor hydroponic gardens. Learn how Rise Gardens partnered with Ryder to create a seamless supply chain that was able to quickly scale up with demand and create a more resilient supply chain during the pandemic.


SUBTA Theater 17 Email Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

Think you're about to press send on the perfect email? Think again. Nancy Harhut, Founder and CEO of HBT Marketing will share email secrets that will change your life. If you send email of any kind, you won't want to miss this session (so basically everyone should be there)!

Expert Experience Thriving While Making Massive Changes for the New Normal

In March, a majority of the offices around the country began to empty as quarantine orders started to take place. And so did the snacks along with the quick evolution of SnackNation's business model. Join SUBTA CEO Paul Chambers as he interviews SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly on how they adjusted to the change and continue to build a thriving business.


SUBTA Theater Networking Break

Visit the Expert Experience live stream, the awesome Expo Hall, our Virtual Networking Lounge, or stick around the live stream to learn more about SUBTA.

Expert Experience Scaling Customer Support & Engaging Your Community of Fans

Drowning in customer support with COVID traffic surges? Learn how Olipop has scaled customer support and effortlessly manage multi-channel messaging that boost conversion rates, grow their brand and community of fans.


SUBTA Theater Giving a Crap About Your Community

Imagine selling toilet paper during the pandemic. What happens when you sell out yet you have subscriber orders to fill still?! Hear from Mike Altman, Senior Retention Manager at Who Gives a Crap on how they now only survived but thrived during the pandemic and were able to give MILLIONS of dollars to charities along the way.

Expert Experience Networking Break

Visit the SUBTA Theater live stream, the extensive Expo Hall, our Virtual Networking Lounge, or stick around the live stream to learn more about some of the awesome things happening at SUBTA.


SUBTA Theater Breaking Subscription Barriers

Hear from Peter Wexler, Head of Volvo Cars U.S.A.'s car subscription, Care by Volvo on how the company has grown and adjusted during the pandemic.

Expert Experience How To Cheat at Marketing & Survive The Rising Costs Of Facebook

Don't tell anyone else about this session. Hosted by marketing genius, Eric Carlson of Sweatpants Agency, this session will show you tips, trick, and give you insider knowledge you won't get anywhere else.


SUBTA Theater Create Value. Build Happy Customers. Grow Your Subscription.

What's more important than retention? Not much. That's why focusing on creating value and building happy customers is so important. In this session, Robbie Deeks, Co-Founder of Vayner Commerce, walks us through the most important piece to growing your subscription business.

Expert Experience Way More Than a Furniture Subscription

Join Fernish Co-Founder Lucas Dickey and SUBTA Co-Founder and CEO Paul Chambers as they discuss the old but new business model of furniture subscription and how Fernish has continued to grow and evolve their business.


SUBTA Theater The Art of the Acquisition

Acquiring a subscription box can be a great boost to your existing business, but can come with some very specific challenges. Join this panel discussion to hear from three entrepreneurs who have experience doing this as they share advice, best practices, and in-the-trench experiences. Moderated by SUBTA Chairman, Christopher George.

Expert Experience Reduce Involuntary Churn with ACH Payments

Growing and improving your business is a full-time job; worrying about how and if you are getting paid shouldn’t be a concern. Industry experts state that 20% to 40% of overall churn is due to payment delinquency. Join this session to learn about ACH and how ACH payments could reduce your involuntary churn and lower your costs of payment processing.


SUBTA Theater Networking Break

Visit the Expo Hall, our Virtual Networking Lounge, or stick around the live stream to learn more about some of the amazing things happening at SUBTA.

Expert Experience Networking Break

Visit the Expo Hall, our Virtual Networking Lounge, or stick around the live stream to learn more about some of the amazing things happening at SUBTA.


SUBTA Theater Test of Time - How the YMCA Survived the Pandemic (and continues to do so)

The YMCA is one of the oldest and most historic membership organizations in the United States - so how did they maintain membership when they couldn't offer their members what they were paying for? Join Craig Millus of Cashi and SUBTA Chairman Christopher George as they are joined by several YMCA leaders around the country and learn how they navigated this challenging time.


SUBTA Theater What's Next in Subscription

Hang out with us as we wrap-up the day's events and talking about what's next in the world of subscription.

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