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“Thank you SUBTA for putting on this event! We’re already moving forward with new relationships made at this year’s event and are continuing to work with contacts made at last year’s event. The SubSummit has been a highly relevant and valuable conference for us and we’re looking forward to what you put together in 2019!”

– SubSummit Attendee

“This conference is amazing. I cannot believe the energy in the room — the excitement, all the brilliance, the young people and what they bring, the entrepreneurs that force us all to make that change. You gotta make that change to get better and that’s what this conference brings together. It is dynamic and fun. Love it.

– Daniel J. Mullally from FedEx Services

“I think it’s a fantastic event and [I’m] really honored to be here for the first-ever Subscription Summit. It’s great to get thought leaders and leaders of different companies together and talk about how things are evolving and best practices and ways to grow and collaborate. It’s the beginning of something great.”

– Michael Broukim from FabFitFun

“I don’t think people realize how much awesomeness is packed into this thing. I’ve been to a lot of conferences in my corporate life and this was so much more dense and efficient.”

– SubSummit Attendee

“I have been to many trade shows, the summit is by far the best in coordination, pre-alerts, scheduling, speakers and attendees. Hats off to the management team….!”

– SubSummit Attendee

“[I liked] meeting people in person. The business model of the typical sub box company is such that you need a trade show like this to meet the decision makers. The businesses are NOT conducive to personal interviews at their places of business. SUBTA is the solution!”

– SubSummit Attendee