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Three Ways To Connect With Gen Z

Generation Z is the young and super tech-savvy group that follows Millennials.

The key to influencing these consumers who make up 25.9% of the U.S. population (the largest percent) and contribute $44 billion to the economy is not through sales, discounts and deals. Instead, they’re more affected by:

  1. Social media
    A whopping 80% of these digital natives’ purchase decisions is influenced by social media.
  2. Technology
    According to ContentSquare, Gen Z shoppers view 62% more pages while browsing than any other demographic, and they bounce 51% less of the time. The report also said that over half of this generation will not use a website or mobile app if it’s too slow to load or difficult to navigate.
  3. Brand interaction
    Generally, these consumers aren’t brand loyal, but they do connect to brands they feel understand them. Gen Zers tend to gravitate toward and want more interaction from brands that promote beliefs like being eco-friendly or socially-responsible.

Gen Z is definitely unique and will require businesses to develop a strong connection to and understanding of this group.

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