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Top 10 Takeaways from SixPlus LA


Robbie Kellman BaxterRobbie Kellman Baxter
Membership Economy, Author

  1. Robbie challenged the audience to get out of the acquisition comfort zone and focus on retention where over 50% of the growth comes from in a healthy company.
  2. Dont fall so in love with your product that you miss the problem you are solving.


Matthew Arevalo
Loot Crate, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

  1. Content is what is going to move the needle for passion-focused boxes like Loot Crate. It’s no longer about unboxing videos but instead content about the artists behind the items in the box, the context of how and why a certain item was chosen etc.
  2. Having control over the manufacturing can be a game changer for box companies, not only to reduce margins but also to ensure quality control and delivery times for products.
  3. Loot Crate’s Looter Advisory Bureau (L.A.B.) is a mailing list of trusted Looters who will receive regular invitations to give their team feedback on a wide variety of topics. Loot Crate uses this feedback to help the product development team create products and services their users will love and thus increase retention. L.A.B. participants receive “missions”– approximately once or twice per month via email–to provide the company with candid answers to a series of online surveys and discussions.


Andy Mackensen
SnackNation, Co-Founder & CMO

  1. SnackNations inbound strategy. To start with there was not a lot of search for healthy office stacks, so we focused on what does our product do for our customer. They determined companies want healthy and happy employees. Once they focused on that, SnackNation committed to going to go after #1 for our search terms at a 10x level of better. While that worked, Andy suggest using AdWords testing first on blog posts copy to better understand what drives leads. The result would be more cost and time effective.
  2. Culture is what anchors SnackNation customers and team members. They have created a cadence of culture. Every Monday at noon is Sensei, where someone talks about topics including professional development, growth, and even becoming a better person. This is what young people and really everybody craves. On Friday at 4, they have Crush It, where everyone gathers and people call out someone who has ‘crushed it’ this week and then shares what they are grateful for. Having happy hour at the same time makes the end of the week that much sweeter.


Eric Furnee
Winc, Director of Business Development & Marketing Partnerships

  1. Maximize partnerships, understand what your partners needs are and see how you can leverage them to drive more customers for your business and get way out of the box. Winc provides a distinct, value-driven wine program at Barclays Center with wines available on tap, by-the-glass and bottle throughout the arena and on suite levels. Winc has also opened Winc Counter, a branded wine bar at Barclays Center located on Suite Level A, across from the American Express Centurion Suite.
  2. Winc has two referral programs. The first is their “Give a Box” program. Each month you earn invitations to send a nearly-free box of three wines to your friends, they just need to cover tax and shipping. If you’d rather earn credits for your referrals, you can use your personal referral code instead. Your friend gets $13 in credits on their first order (1 free bottle), and you get up to $26 in credits in your account ($13 when your friend places their first order and $13 when your friend places their second order).


Wrapping Up

  1. Nearly 60 high growth subscription box companies and key partners gathered to talk about the issues driving growth at SixPlus LA.  One of the most important themes that came out of the event was the power of actionable networking. Making the time and space to share challenges, find solutions and connect future partnerships.  The SUBTA team is taking this on as an action item of how can we help keep these connections going full steam ahead at events and in real-time. Stay tuned, we are on it!


SixPlus LA Highlights