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Why Custom Shipping Boxes Are a Must

  • The Bolt Boxes Team
  • Oct 7, 2021
  • 4 minute read

Here at Bolt Boxes, we will work with you to reach your goals by creating custom packaging to set you apart from your competitors. Use our online configurator today and find the perfect-size box to fit your needs!

Finding a way to make your subscription brand stand out in the competitive marketplace can help your business reach a larger proportion of your target audience. With e-commerce sales increasing over the years, it’s important to establish a strategy to win over customers, starting with your packaging and making a good impression. 

A study found that “78% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that takes the time to create custom content compared to those who don’t.”

Read on to find out if investing in custom shipping boxes would be beneficial for your business.

How Can Custom Shipping Boxes Build Brand Awareness?

Creating custom shipping boxes will give you the ability to control how people perceive your brand. Making a good first impression — which starts with your packaging — will help build trust and subscriber loyalty, eventually leading to a higher customer lifetime value.

Custom packaging helps make your monthly, quarterly, or annual deliveries more exciting. Subscribers are able to recognize your brand right away, and their impatience to open your precious packages will continuously grow every time a new delivery is made. It’s essential to give your customers that feeling of excitement when opening the package by starting with an appealing exterior.

How Can Custom Shipping boxes Improve Your Marketing Tactics?

Your packaging can also support your marketing efforts. If influencers enjoy your custom shipping boxes, they are more likely to post an image or video of it on their social media pages. This can help spread the word about your business and increase revenue. Dotcom Distribution — according to PackMojo — explained that “55% of those who watch unboxing videos claim the video convinced them to purchase the product.”

Giving your target audience a brand image they can relate to and identify with is going to make them proud to be a consumer for your company. You can add more than an image. Placing your business’s values on your packaging will help your customers get a better understanding of what your brand stands for. This could lead to high performances and a greater return.

Why is it Beneficial to Customize Your Box Sizes?

Ensuring your products fit correctly in your packaging and limiting the amount of empty space will guarantee a safe transit to your customers.

If your box size is not the right fit for your products, there may be issues during shipping with it moving around inside due to extra empty space. Your product could end up being damaged, which is not an uncommon issue. More than 80% of online returns are due to damaged products, according to SaleCycle.

How can Customizing Your Boxes Make them Stand out?

If you use bold colors and designs on your custom boxes, your brand will be more recognizable, and you will stand out from the competition.

With ordering becoming so much more accessible and popular online, it is important to find ways to set your brand apart.

Can Custom Shipping Boxes be Eco-Friendly?

Yes. In fact, corrugated cardboard is one of the most eco-friendly materials available. Being conscious of the environment will also help attract more subscribers.

A study from the National Retail Federation claims that more than 70% of consumers think brands should be sustainable or eco-friendly. Your customers will be appreciative of your custom, eco-friendly boxes, and you will be more likely to see conversions with this tied into your brand.

How Fast is the Expected Turnaround?

That depends on your box manufacturer and their specific manufacturing processes. At Bolt Boxes, the entire order process from start to finish is done in-house from our building located in Minneapolis, MN. Because of this, there is no need for outsourcing or third parties making the process much smoother and faster. With our lead time being seven days or less and our competitors being three to four weeks, we are happy to say that we are the fastest custom box manufacturer in the world. With that, we will continue to strive for customer satisfaction with the multiple boxing methods and the superior customer service that we offer.

Looking for more ways to enhance the visuals of your subscription services? Attend SubSummit for more tips like these to expand your brand!