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2021 SUBTA Holiday Gifts Guide

  • The SUBTA Team
  • Nov 2, 2021

Want to be featured in next year’s SUBTA Holiday Gifts Guide? Become a member for $9/month and gain access to exclusive and insightful content on how to grow your subscription business, unlock incredible discounts to attend the world’s largest DTC subscription conference (SubSummit), and much more!  

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

There’s a subscription to match every personality and passion.

SUBTA is proud to work with thousands of subscription brands to launch and scale their companies. This year, we’ve partnered with more than 70 subscription businesses to add ease to this year’s shopping.

Find the perfect gift with the SUBTA 2021 Holiday Gifts Guide!

2021 Holiday Gifts Guide Categories

For Mom & Dad | For the Kids | For the Outdoors | For the Hungry Ones |

For the Grown UpsFor the Crafty Ones | For the Jewelry Lovers | For the Pets |

For Mom & Dad


SUBTA Premium Member – Actlive Life

Monthly Subscription | $40-$45

The subscription box for hard-working active moms, hand-picked by encouraging active moms! Each box is filled with 5-7 quality items: fitness apparel and accessories, a gift to share, a tasty treat, workout routines (no equipment needed) and a 30-day fitness challenge (with a community for support). Don’t forget, all kinds of motivating quotes too!

Best for: Active moms or aspiring active moms

SUBTA Premium Member – Louis and Léa

Monthly Subscription | $32.99-$38.99

A monthly subscription box curated with care to make sure mom and baby have everything they need from baby bump to baby’s first birthday! Inside each box, you’ll find innovative and practical products to pamper mom, comfort baby, and memorialize every milestone together.

Best for: Moms & babies

SUBTA Premium Member – ParentingEQ

Bi-Monthly Subscription | $49.95

ParentingEQ boxes include fun games, activities and tools parents can easily implement to teach their kids important social-emotional learning skills. Topics will include: how to calm down, name and manage feelings, reduce stress, growth mindset, empathy, social skills and more. Subscribe to the 6 box series or purchase a single box.

Best for: Parents of kids age 4-11

SUBTA Premium Member – Bath & Beauty Box

Bi-Monthly Subscription | $39.99+6.00 shipping

Treat yourself to spa-inspired bath and body essentials curated in a subscription box conveniently arriving at your door! Use code SAVE7 for $7.00 off your first box

Best for: Women who enjoy skincare products

SUBTA Premium Member – My Little Mascara Club

Monthly Subscription | $9-$12

My Little Mascara Club’s monthly subscription provides fresh, clean, smudge proof mascara to your doorstep every single month. The Best Little Mascara Ever is exclusively offered in a mini size – perfect for one month’s use. Smudge-proof, vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated to resist clumping, this mascara is sure to be one that won’t let you down.

Best for: Women and teen girls

Beem Box

Bi-Monthly Subscription | $39.95

The Beem Box is a beauty box for black, brown, people of color. Each box is filled with makeup and skincare products–eyeshadow, lipstick, moisturizer, nail polish and much more!

Best for: 25- to 45-year-old women

True Serenity Tea

Monthly Subscription | $15.99

True Serenity Tea is a subscription box that offers exquisite award winning loose leaf teas from around the globe. These teas are delivered directly to your doorstep every month.
Holiday Discount is Free Shipping on first box.

Best for: Tea lovers, health and wellness

Loti Wellness

Monthly Subscription | Starting at $35.95/month

The Loti Wellness holiday box is filled with extravagant, and warm cozy self-care products curated for the perfect winter wellness routine.

Best for: Women between the ages of 27-55

Spiffy Socks

Monthly Subscription | $11

The most comfortable, hygienic, stylish, and sustainable pair of socks you’ll ever wear. Spiffy Socks delivers bamboo fiber socks every month. Learn the advantages of wearing socks made from bamboo fiber and why it compares to no other. Now you can take 25% off your first shipment with code SUBTA25 at checkout!

Best For: Men and Women

Spiffster Tie Club

Monthly Subscription | $10

Spiffster delivers premium ties and socks built from high-quality materials that match the current fashion trends. Build your tie collection and dress to impress! Now take 25% off your first box with code SUBTA25 at checkout.

Best For: Men

Crated With Love

Monthly Subscription | $39.99

Crated with Love offers a date night subscription where couples receive a new set of games and activities focusing on laughter and connection each month. Start your date night journey today and use the code SUBTA for 50% off your first month.

Best For: Young married couples with kids who love games

The Pink Sugar Box

Monthly & Quarterly Subscription | $15

Get ready for the holiday and purchase this one-time box with our top quality premium picks including beauty, lifestyle and fashion items. You can expect 7 full size products. This is the perfect gift for you or that special someone in your life, valued at $134 for just $30.

Best For: Women and girls

My Christmas Snowflake

Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Subscription | $30.95

My Christmas Snowflake is your favorite monthly Christmas subscription box featuring premium holiday decor, lifestyle items, holiday scents and delicacies, and if it’s Christmas, it’s in our box! Use code: FIRSTTIME50 for 50% off your first box!

Best For: Adults ages 18-70

Bubbles and Books

Monthly Subscription |$29-$46

Bubbles & Books is for people who like to read and take baths – preferably at the same time! Choose your favorite genre and 1 or 2 books per month. Boxes include 3-7 bath & body items and 15+ eBook downloads. Use SUBTA20 for 20% off your first box.

Best For: Women ages 25-55 who enjoy reading and taking baths – preferably at the same time!

For the Kids

SUBTA Premium Member – Snail Mail for Kids

Monthly Subscription | $14-$20

Take kids around the world with Sunny the Mail Snail’s weekly letters. KIDS. LOVE. MAIL. They feel so important getting their own mail. Engage children’s curiosity, love of animals & travel. Their new BFF Plush Sunny delivers personalized, educational, whimsical letters to children every single week. Letters include stickers and so much more.

Best for: Children ages 3 to 8

SUBTA Premium Member – Little Budding Artist LLC

Monthly Subscription | $29 – $288

Help your Little Budding Artist grow into a BIG artist with The Clay Box, an art subscription box for kids who love to create with clay.
Join today and get your first box FREE when you choose our six- or 12-month membership plan.

Best for: Kids 6-12 years old

SUBTA Premium Member – The Wild Life Outdoor Adventures

Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Subscription | $47 CAD/Month

We are offering Christmas Gift boxes for $29.00/CAD, $39.00/CAD, and $49.00/CAD. We have chosen some of our most popular items, while also choosing items from our existing partnerships. We also always have our monthly subscription boxes.

Best for: Children ages 7-12

SUBTA Premium Member – The Lab Drawer

Monthly Subscription | $44.99-$49.99

The Lab Drawer™ Monthly Subscription Box ($44.99) or Gift Box ($49.99) includes:
– An Interactive STEM experiment and materials
– Exciting ART activities
– Augmented Reality (AR) Instructional video
– And much more!
Monthly subscription boxes are a surprise each month, with STEAM fun guaranteed to help your child grow!

Best for: Children ages 10 – 14

SUBTA Premium Member – Knowledge Crates

Quarterly Subscription | $87

Knowledge Crates are seasonal boxes with 20+ activities for preschool and school-aged children. All activities cover all learning areas, from science and math to language and art. And if that’s not exciting enough, we also include all the materials you need so there’s no guess work!

Best for: Children 

SUBTA Premium Member – Owl Post Books

Monthly Subscription | $32.99

Owl Post Books is a fun and interactive monthly book subscription for children! We have Imagination Boxes, Imagination Mini, and YA Fantasy Imagination Box for ages 0-3, 4-7, 8-10, 11-13, and YA 14 & Up! Use the promo code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off

Best for: Kids

SUBTA Premium Member – College Packit

Monthly Subscription | $54.99

Think of it as a survival kit for college!
They might not want to show it, but they miss home. College Packit has practical and fun items that college students need to succeed, stay on top of things, and have fun with their new friends.

Best for: College Students 18-21 years old

Outside the Box Creation

Monthly Subscription | $36.95-$43.95

Subscription art boxes & digital Insider’s Club memberships for kids & families. Easy to follow instructions & video tutorials allow you all to discover the projects together while also encouraging creative thinking & problem solving! Regular boxes include supplies for 1-2 kids, large boxes for 3-4 kids. Buy a subscription for your favorite family!

Best for: Elementary age kids, homeschool families

Green Kid Crafts

Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Subscription | $29.95/month-$299.40/year

The cultural activities in our Holidays Around the World Box will take your traveler to six exciting places: Japan, India, Africa, Guatemala, Australia, and China. At each stop we’ll find a wealth of crafting inspiration as we learn about a unique culture and holiday traditions.

Best for: Children ages 3-10 years old

Loop Lab

Monthly Subscription | $32.99

Loop Lab, our STEM subscription box, contains experiments that focus on fun, interactivity, and entertainment! Kids 8+ can perform 3-4 experiments per box with step-by-step illustrated instructions and science facts to continue the learning.

Best for: Children ages 8 and up

Artshine In A Box

Monthly Subscription | $34.95

Artshine in a Box’ is a visual arts subscription service. Your child will receive an exciting art kit each month that explores a different theme and art medium and includes an online video and printed tutorial. Subscribe and use code: SUBTA20 today and receive 20% off any 6 and 12 month packages.

Best For: Artists aged 4-6 (Kinder) or artists aged 7-12 (Elementary).


Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Subscription | $16.95-$44.95/month

Bitsbox teaches kids to love coding, because coding is about making stuff, and teaching kids to make stuff is empowering and important! Each monthly box includes 10-12 new coding projects. Use promo code BITSBOXSUBTA to save 15% off your first box!

Best For: Kids between the ages of 6-12


Maple Tree Education

Monthly Subscription | $29

Gingerbread math, 1-8 counting stick puzzle and bamboo hand strengthening game. Holiday cooking with kids recipes and chef hat. Six curriculum projects and two holiday crafts. Organic dough and washable paint project. MAPLE 50 for 10% off

Best for: Preschoolers, ages 3-5


Monthly Subscription | $29.80

This month our Junior Bible explorers will explore the Christmas story. They will learn about the real meaning of Christmas and how they can be a light for others during this season. Designed for children ages 3-5.

Best For: Children ages 3-5

Art Within

Monthly Subscription | $39-$49

A perfect gift for creative kids, teens, or families. This art project box comes with all the supplies you need to complete monthly art projects, simple step-by-step instructions, and access to how-to videos for extra inspiration. All skill levels welcome, suitable for ages 8+ or younger with a little help. Use code SAVE5 for $5 off your first box.

Best For: Teens, Kids ages 8 and up, Families, no artistic experience required

Dungeon Crate

Monthly Subscription | $35.95

Each month, Dungeon Crate delivers TTRPG adventure to your castle doors. Crates are loaded with RPG accessories & original one-shots to enhance your tabletop or online game. Cast metal fantasy coins, dice, miniatures, tabletop terrain, game tokens, patches & enamel pins, access to our monthly digitals & more. Compatible with a variety of TTRPGs.

Best For: Tabletop roleplaying gamers 12 & older.

For the Outdoors

SUBTA Premium Member – Crate Club

Quarterly Subscription | $49.99 – $399.99 + S/H

Crate Club is a tactical subscription box service with 3 quarterly boxes to choose from based on your budget and tactical needs. Each box includes items like tactical vests, multitools, self-defense gear, wilderness survival tools, camping equipment, medical supplies, EDC equipment, and custom Crate Club gear.

Best for: Veterans, military supporters, and anyone interested in tactical, survival, and outdoor gear

SUBTA Premium Member – BattlBox

Monthly Subscription | $29.99 – $159.99 + S/H

BattlBox is a subscription service that provides a great variety of camping, survival, EDC, and all around epic outdoor gear. Each month products will vary and sometimes focus on specific types of equipment. We have 4 subscription tiers, ranging from the ‘Basic Box’ for those just starting out and all the way up to the ‘Pro Plus’ Tier.

Best for: Anyone interested in hiking, camping, EDC, emergency preparedness, or outdoor survival

For the Hungry Ones

SUBTA Premium Member – Carnivore Club

Monthly & Quarterly Subscription | $19.99 – $39.99/Month + S/H

‘Classic Box’ is our most popular box and it includes traditional charcuterie items like salamis, prosciutto, bresaola, soppressata, dry sausages, etc. ‘Snack Box’ includes more bite-sized cured meats like beef jerky, pepperettes, salami chips, and more! ‘Jerky Club’ is a lighter, more affordable option to our Snack box and 100% full of jerky.

Best for: Foodies and anyone interested in discovering a world of new flavors from amazing local artisans


Monthly Subscription | $16-$56/month | Holiday Gift Box starting at $69.99

The JerkyGent Holiday Box includes 7 bags of delicious craft jerky, hand selected by our jerky curators. From maple brown sugar to bourbon bacon, your friends and family will enjoy trying new flavors of jerky they can’t find anywhere else!

Best for: Men ages 21-60

Bookmarks & Breadsticks LLC

Monthly & Quarterly Subscription | $24.99

Calling all self-proclaimed bookworms and gourmet-loving foodies: Read It and Eat is the foodie bookish subscription box of your dreams. Each box contains a foodie book, a snack supporting a small business, and a donation to a non-profit to help fight food scarcity and hunger.

Best for: Book and food lovers

For the Grown Ups

SUBTA Premium Member – Lucky Box Club

Monthly Subscription | $149

Experience the magic of curated cannabis with Lucky Box Club’s Winter Collection. Limited quantities available – use code SUBTA for 10% off your first box!

Best for: Adults (21 yo+) who are interested in plant medicine and holistic wellness

SUBTA Premium Member – Faithbox

Monthly Subscription | $39.95

Faithbox is great for anyone who wants to grow closer to God while making a positive impact on the world! Our Holiday Faithbox contains a devotional and 4 other products to help you focus on the reason for the season. Use GET10 to get $10 off.

Best for: Christian women who want to grow in faith and make a positive impact

SUBTA Premium Member – Sparkle Hustle Grow

Monthly Subscription | $67

Sparkle Hustle Grow is an award-winning monthly subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. 📦 As seen in Forbes, USA Today. Your subscription is a business write-off and includes:
📚 A personal development book
📔 4-5 items like stationery, office supplies, tech gadgets
✅ Trainings + masterclasses
💖 Online community w/perks

Best for: Female entrepreneurs, Boss ladies, Goal-getters, Side Hustlers

SUBTA Premium Member – Smartass & Sass

Monthly Subscription | $49.95

This monthly subscription box says EXACTLY what you’re thinking (so your mouth won’t have to). Each month you’ll receive 7-9 hand-curated items saturated with pure snark and sass ($90+ value per box). Check out our shop for snarky stocking stuffers and mouthy mystery boxes. SUBTOHOHO for 10% off subs and shop orders.

Best for: Anyone with a snarky attitude or who has a mouthy friend!

Snarky Gal Gifts

Bi-Monthly Subscription | $50

Quirky gifts and subscription services that inspire fun with a mix of positivity & profanity. We offer a Bi-Monthly Subscription Box as well as a Build-A-Box feature so that you can create a one of a kind box for your gift recipient.

Best for: Women 40+

Journal Junk Box

Monthly & Annual Subscription | $22.99-$593.45

Monthly mystery subscription box for journal lovers provides a way to wind down, escape and get creative! Our box includes journal, pen, office supplies and fun pamper products. Use code:welcome10 to save 10% on 1st box + free gift.

Best for: Mid-aged + women

Anchored Purpose Box

Monthly & Annual Subscription | $49-$500

Anchored Purpose Box is a Purpose-Driven Subscription with a Faith-Based Mission. Each month features a different developing country around the world. Our boxes contain fair and/or direct trade items, so each box directly supports the economy in vulnerable communities. $5 donated per box sold. Use code SUBTA for an extra gift with your first box.

Best For: Altruistic (Christian) women with a heart for the world, aged 25-55

JCD Lifestyle, LLC

Monthly & Quarterly Subscription | $50/month

This winter, turn inward to that quiet place that restores you. Gift yourself the biggest Breathe Curation of the year! Over 15 self-care products worth $400 to be enjoyed all winter long at the cozy comfort of your home. Get your box for just $127.50* with code WINTER15. 

Best For: Busy women who want to focus on different areas of self-care for complete 360-degree well-being

Entry Envy

Monthly & Annual Subscription | $29-$299

For the hard-to-buy person who has everything! Unique, wood-custom home identification sign with a hand-painted name, monogram, metal address numbers, or words to welcome your guests and delivery drivers. Each sign features a small planter box with beautiful, modern seasonal subscription decor shipped each month to keep your entry beautiful!

Best For: Busy moms and working women age 30-50

Puzzle Culture

Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Subscription | $27.99/month – $285/Annual or $34.99/quarter – $124.99/Annual

Puzzle Culture subscription boxes are for jigsaw puzzle fans featuring unique 500-piece or 1000-piece puzzles with imagery from independent artists. The artwork inspires a theme for each box and gender-neutral gifts are curated to complement the puzzle theme. Every box comes beautifully packaged, perfect for gifting, date night or family night!

Best For: Adults ages 30 and up; seeking activities for date night and family night; seeking solo, relaxation time

Sticker Savages

Monthly Subscription | $11.9

Our holiday box will be stacked full of savage holiday themed stickers! You can use CODE: HOLIDAY at checkout for a discount! =]

Best For: Adults ages 18-30 

Tea Runners

Monthly & Quarterly Subscription | $21.25-$30

Tea Runners is a premier loose leaf tea club. Our members receive a curated collection of four of the world’s best loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and brewing instructions. Every box is completely customizable from more than 15 options

Best For: Adults ages 24-65

For the Crafty Ones

SUBTA Premium Member – IndieStitch

Monthly Subscription | $55-$69

IndieStitch features women’s sewing patterns from independent designers. Kits include everything you need to sew your project, plus bonus items to make your sewing more efficient and fun! We are community of sewists that feature tutorials, membership discounts, fabric options, and sewing inspiration. Use code SUBTA50 to save 50% on your first box.

Best for: Women who sew clothing

SUBTA Premium Member – Sew Your Bag

Monthly Subscription | $61.99 – $66.99

Sew Your Bag is a monthly subscription box for beginner and aspiring bag makers. Each month, you will will receive an Ankara inspired fabric, lining, interfacing and all the “bits and bobs” needed to make a beautiful bag. All you need is a sewing machine, scissors, ruler and marking tool and we provide the rest… With a few goodies thrown in.

Best for: Ages 14+

Cheery Bird Vintage

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual Subscription | $38/month; 102.60/3-month prepaid (save 10%); $193.80/6-month prepaid (save 15%)

Each Junk Journaler’s Delight box contains a unique mix of 100% vintage ephemera & trim (no reproductions) for use in junk journals & other art projects. Get inspiration from the past delivered to your mailbox monthly! Gift subscriptions available.

Best for: Junk journalers, mixed media artists, scrapbookers, art therapists, homeschoolers

My Trove Box

Quarterly & Annual Subscription | $199.95-$699.80 

Your home should tell a story and be a reflection of your journey. Discover beautifully crafted, home decor goods by global master artisans. Perfect for vacation rental homes, new homeowners, hostess gifts, or as a gift to yourself. Your purchase economically empower artisans, women and minority-owned small businesses, and their communities.

Best for: Women and Men, 35+

For the Jewelry Lovers

SUBTA Premium Member – MintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription

Monthly, Semi-Annual, Annual Subscription | $13.99-$161.88

Jewelry inspired by life. Delivered monthly.
MintMONGOOSE sends high-quality jewelry (inspired by real-life) for an unbeatable price every month. You can choose between silver, rose gold, or gold and each set comes with a postcard explaining the inspiration behind that set’s design.
Use code SUBTA50 to receive 50% OFF your first box!

Best for: Women of all ages who enjoy jewelry or owning items with a story behind them

SUBTA Premium Member – Margot Elena Companies & Collections

Quarterly Subscription | $59.99

Margot Elena’s lovingly developed brand libraries overflow with luxuries beautifully balanced in design, fragrance, and formulation. Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the quarterly Margot Elena Subscription Box filled with $200 worth of luxuries.

Best for: Women ages 24 and up who enjoy luxe indie beauty

For the Pets

SUBTA Premium Member – Dog Mom Lifestyles

Monthly Subscription | $44.99

To start the fabulous season, we are offering a $10.00 off discount (sub10).
Dog Moms: Self-care, stress-relieving and lifestyle items. Monthly rituals to help relax. Private on-line community & monthly speakers.
Pups: Plush toy or tough chewer, healthy treats, and accessory.
We donate $1/box to animal welfare.

Best for: Dog moms who are stressed out and are ready to commit to getting more present in their life, experiencing more joy more often and connecting more with their dogs and other like-minded women

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