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7 SubSummit Sessions You MUST Attend

  • Paul Chambers - SUBTA CEO & Co-Founder
  • May 12, 2022
  • 6 minute read

Three weeks from today (technically, yesterday), the world’s largest direct-to-consumer subscription conference will open its doors for the seventh consecutive year. 

What started in 2016 as a networking opportunity for subscription box owners has become an all-encompassing experience that gathers subscriptionpreneurs from all six segments of the industry


This year, the stage is set for one of the most immersive experiences any entrepreneur could ask for, and that’s because of the theme we’ve chosen for SubSummit 2022: Shift [& Discover].

Together, we’ll…

  • Shift strategies & Discover new opportunities
  • Shift perspectives & Discover new horizons
  • Shift your approach & Discover new processes

In honor of the 7th anniversary of the conference, here are seven SubSummit 2022 sessions you must attend if you want to unlock the next phase of your subscription. 

Encouraging People to Cancel: A Fireside Chat with Truebill


You read that right, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions. 

In this session, you’ll learn why transparency is the key to your success and how embracing cancellation can lead to far greater customer lifetime value. 

SUBTA Chairman and Co-Founder Christopher George will sit down with Truebill Founder and CEO Haroon Mokhtarzada to dig deeper into this concept and provide you with actionable insights that will shift your approach to retention.

From Shark Tank to Crowdfunding: How to Pivot Your Subscription Box to 10x Your Growth


Saying no to a Shark Tank offer is never easy, but CurlMix Co-Founder and CEO Kim Lewis did just that when she turned down $400,000 from Robert Herjavec

Despite rejecting a six-figure offer, Kim continued on to raise the offer she rejected, and even more! 

Find out how she leveraged equity crowdfunding to establish herself as an innovator in the hair-care industry.

The Science of SEO



Content is king on the internet, but does yours get the recognition it deserves? 

It’s time to rethink your SEO strategy and gain a better understanding of what great content means to a computer. 

Unlock those insights and much more thanks to Michael King of iPullRank, author of “The Science of SEO.”

Launch for Less – Creative Marketing Tactics for Entrepreneurs on a Budget


Reaching out to your target audience may become a more expensive process in the near future. Marketers expect to increase their spendings by 3.3% in the next 9 months, according to a CMO survey

If you’re looking to maximize your business’ growth without jeopardizing your budget, then you must attend Eliza Maroney’s session at SubSummit.

The co-founder of Lucky Box Club will share proven marketing strategies that will help you achieve greater success without spending a fortune.

It’s Playoff Time!



The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to get busy as e-commerce sales are expected to grow by more than 15% year over year in 2022. 

You’ve spent enough time strategizing your 2022 goals, and now, it all comes down to execution.

Luckily, Sarah Williams of Launch Your Box has been in your shoes, and she knows exactly what it takes to succeed during Q4!

SBB Top 10 Countdown – Retention Tactics Biggest Hits


Is your subscriber count starting to grow? Amazing! Now, let’s keep these people happy and loyal to your brand.

In this session, Julie Ball (alongside Renae Gonzalez) of Sparkle Hustle Grow and Subscription Box Bootcamp, will share 10 retention tactics with you that can lower your churn rate right away and help your business reach new milestones at a faster pace.

If you know Julie as well as I do, then you can be assured this session will be informative, entertaining, and full of surprises!

The Subscription Death Curve – What It Is and How You Can Avoid It



Every subscription company at SubSummit will eventually hit what the Bold Commerce team calls “The Subscription Death Curve.” 

It’s the flatline when you start churning the same number of customers as you acquire. The good news? There is a way to escape the death curve, and Jay Myers will show you how.

The seven subscription experts featured above are part of the best SubSummit speaker lineup we’ve ever assembled in the conference’s history. They’ll be joined by other brilliant entrepreneurs, marketers, and thought leaders representing some of the best subscription brands in the industry, like HelloFresh, Wyze, DoorDash, Netflix, and dozens more, including BootayBag and its CEO, Ellyette Gheno.

“If you’re in this space, you need to be at SubSummit,” says Gheno. “Every time I leave the event, I am super excited to test the strategies and tactics that I learned. Whether your goal is to increase subscribers or meet new partners, you’ll get exposed to so many opportunities and connections you never knew existed.”

As I said before, SubSummit is an all-encompassing experience, which means there’s a lot more to look forward to than the speakers and their sessions.

Bonus SubSummit Features

The 2022 SUBTA Cube Awards

Your SubSummit 2022 ticket includes a free pass to attend the world’s most prestigious awards ceremony in the subscription industry: The SUBTA Cube Awards.

This year, judges have been tasked to choose a winner in 15 different categories, including Best New Subscription, Best Subscription Box, and the first-ever Community Choice Award. 

The food, drinks, and the after party are all covered with your conference ticket, so make sure to pack up a nice outfit before heading to Orlando, Fla. this June!

Email Marketing Workshop – How to Convert & Retain


Did you know that you can use a third of your order or ship confirmation emails to upsell and cross promote? Or that segmenting your audience could DOUBLE the purchases on your email sends? 

Email gets a bad rap, but it’s still the most effective channel for nurturing, converting, and maintaining our customers. 

Stephanie Ristow of Ristow Marketing will show you how to leverage this marketing tool in this one-hour exclusive workshop only available to SubSummit 2022 attendees. 

Women in Subscription Hour (and a half)


Connect and learn from women who continue to push the subscription space forward, including Jessica Principe of All Girl Shave Club, Becky Hoy of Brave Crate, and Ellyette Gheno.

The event will be held on Day 2 and be divided into three parts:

2-3:30pm EST: Sub Box Simplicity: Early Stage Planning for Growth (with Jessica and Becky) 

The startup phase requires you to wear a lot of hats within your company, and it can get overwhelming. This session will focus on the unique challenges of “doing it all” in the first years of business and offer a simple system for prioritization, goal setting, and implementation for growth.

2:30-3pm EST: Women Who’ve Made It Work (with Ellyette and Jennifer Cline of SUBTA)

Scrappiness, adaptability, and determination. Those are three essential ingredients to succeed in the subscription space as an entrepreneur. Learn what it takes to establish yourself as a leader in the industry thanks to insights from BootayBag CEO and Shark Tank alum, Ellyette Gheno.

3-3:30pm EST: Women in Subscription Happy Hour

Connect with the women who push the subscription industry forward in this dedicated time to help you expand your network!

Are You Still Here?

I could write 8,000 more words on how amazing this year’s event is going to be, but I don’t want to spoil all the exciting things we have planned for the 1,500+ attendees joining us in Orlando, Fla. this June. 

If you’re still reading this, you’re clearly interested in this event, and I want to make this a no-brainer deal for you since I know SubSummit will help you unlock the next phase of your business, so here it is: You can save $1,550 on your merchant ticket right now by clicking the button below. There is one catch: This discount is only available to the first 50 people who redeem the offer, so there’s no time to waste!

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See you on June 1!


Looking for more ways to grow your brand? Discover the latest trends on how subscription businesses can expand by attending SubSummit!