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Adding a Logo to Personalize your Shipping Boxes

  • The Bolt Boxes Team
  • Nov 23, 2021
  • 4 minute read

Custom packaging may be the way to take your brand to the next level. Reach out to us today to learn how Bolt Boxes can help you take your boxes from basic to branded.

Making your brand recognizable is an absolute must these days. With online ordering becoming so popular, customizing your shipping boxes can be a game changer and greatly affect your sales. 

It’s important to make your packaging stand out from competition to make a good first impression. Using visuals — like your logo — on your packaging will help enhance your customer experience and ultimately lead to improved retention rates.

Do not underestimate the impact a simple visual element has on your box. Research shows that “it only takes 150 milliseconds for the brain to process an image,” and “it only takes another 100 milliseconds for the brain to connect any meaning to the picture.” For example, more than 80% of consumers say color can be the sole reason they want to purchase an item. 

Color not only helps you increase your acquisition rate, it helps increase your brand awareness. Researchers from the University of Loyola, Maryland, found that “color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.”

Read on to learn how customizing your shipping boxes will grow your subscription business. 

Customizing Shipping Boxes Speaks Volume to Your Consumers

Using custom packaging where you are able to place unique, attention-grabbing colors and designs on your boxes helps make your brand stand out from the competition and will make your company more memorable.

More than half premium e-commerce shoppers say a customized box makes the product seem more valuable. Furthermore, nearly 45% of those premium consumers say they would feel comfortable making a repeat purchase because of custom packaging, according to Shorr Packaging. 

Designing and placing a recognizable logo on your subscription boxes could drive your retention and acquisition rates up if executed properly.

How Can Customized Shipping Boxes Build Loyalty With Customers?

Custom packaging will be recognizable to customers who continue to order. When they see it sitting on their doorstep, it will give them a feeling of excitement, and a desire to remain subscribed to your brand. One study found that 55% of online shoppers say they will return to a website if their purchase comes in customized packaging. 

How Can Custom Shipping Boxes Increase Shareability?

Your box could eventually sell itself without any marketing efforts on your part. A study shows that “40% of consumers will post photos on their social media accounts of products with unique and branded packaging.” 

BoxyCharm, one of the biggest beauty subscriptions in the industry — and a 2021 Cube Awards Winner for Best Subscription Box — has more than 700,000 Instagram posts featuring its hashtag. Most of those posts come from users who take selfies with the box or elaborate pictures to showcase their purchases. Regardless, this type of referral carries a lot of weight when looking at a brand’s marketing strategy and success. 

One of your consumers could have a strong social-media following, and one post could lead to an exponential growth of traffic on your website. If you have beautiful, unique packaging that stands out, it may encourage more unboxing videos on social media and enhance your brand exposure.

How Can Shipping Boxes Increase the Feeling of Luxury?

Custom-printed boxes show customers that time, money and effort went into their product. Giving it a unique look and feel in comparison to plain shipping boxes will help your subscribers understand that you offer premium products with great quality. Your packaging needs to reflect a sense of value for consumers before they even open the box. 

Growing Your Brand Through Customized Shipping Boxes

Personalized shipping boxes with your logo can help widen your reach in your quest to increase your subscriber count. If your logo and box tell a story, let it be heard by as many people as you think will want to hear it.

Retail Stores Love Customized Shipping Boxes 

Custom packaging will make it easier for retailers to sell your products. An appealing package catches customers’ eyes (especially if the color is something they can connect to) and will get your products off the shelf. In fact, there is more than a 50% chance your box performs well in the retail sector if your packaging is stellar, according to research.  

What Else Can You Add Besides a Logo?

You can print important symbols, bar codes or product codes for the items in the packages. You can also add warnings of fragile or breakable items to help protect you from losses associated with the improper handling of your goods during transportation. 

Custom packaging means you design it. You can put any information that you would like your customers to know or see on your boxes. With more on your packaging, you’ll optimize your brand exposure and create a lasting impression with consumers.

For more information on custom packaging, check out why it’s a must and which printing method is the best.


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