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Best Meal Kits

Money takes a look at the best meal-kit services on the market:

“Upstart companies are challenging your weekly treks to the grocery store, enticing you with gourmet recipes and superior ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. So we started wondering: Can the home chef really achieve cooking nirvana from food in a box? And more importantly, is it worth it?”

How Companies Were Ranked

Money first narrowed down the pool of meal kit services to only those that were generally available nationwide and delivered a weekly cook-at-home experience. From there, with the help of investment research firm Zirra, Money selected the top six companies in terms of their long-term sustainability and their overall market popularity. 

Next, Money looked at four major areas: price, time, quality, and ease-of-use. Money prepared two meals from each company while assessing components like the online ordering process, delivery speed, the number of recipe options offered, ingredient freshness & quality, ease of instruction and preparation, and, of course, taste. 

Explore the results in the article linked below.