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The Front Porch: Eighth Edition


September 20, 2017

73% of consumers prefer brands that personalize their experiences.


What if personalization went beyond addressing a customer’s first name, recent purchase or t-shirt size in their box? What if we connect with our members by understanding their hopes, their dreams and on the light-hearted side, perhaps even their favorite ice cream flavor?

With the rise of AI-driven platforms and subscribers’ demand for satisfying experiences, this idea of extreme personalization is becoming more possible.

– Learn to embrace extreme personalization. Studies show 73% of global marketers believe delivering personalized experiences is the key to success.
– Have a lasting impact by focusing on your supply chain management
–  Liz Cadman and her MSA Insiders know exactly what shoppers want most in boxes. Tune in October 4th

And thank you to each and every subscription box company that has found a way to help victims of the many natural disasters. Every donation matters.

Michelle Lange, SUBTA Editor









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Top Stories




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Extreme personalization is your next competitive advantage Salesforce found that 91% of consumers unsubscribe from emails. Standard personalization just isn’t cutting it anymore, but AI-powered customer engagement can improve satisfaction. READ MORE

Sephora, JustFab and Walmart recognized for best customer experiences Sailthru ranks 100 brands based on the degree of their personalized marketing and quality of their omnichannel experiences. READ MORE









My Subscription Addiction Power Hour




October 4: Liz Cadman and her MSA Insiders — a panel of 10,000 subscribers — know exactly what subscribers crave in their boxes. Learn from the MSA product evaluation tools during our next webinar.





October 12: SUBTA announces SixPlus, a half-day workshop with top leaders and great innovators. Listen, share and address weak spots to strengthen your business. LEARN MORE






Did You Know?



Is how much longer it takes people to complete a form on mobile than on desktop. Think about what information you really need from potential customers if mobile usage is high. — Doug Weiss, Product Growth Manager, Facebook



Social Good



Recent natural disasters have devastated countless communities around the globe. In response, several box companies launched donation campaigns dedicated to helping those in need get back on their feet.

Loot Crate is just one company that’s joining the cause in a big way. Rather than making a single donation, they’re donating 30% of ALL profits from new subscriptions from now until October 31st.

Cratejoy also went above and beyond by sharing a list of 100 box companies — such as Watch Gang, SoulFeed and Why and Whale — that are turning profits into proceeds.

The subscription industry is full of business who care deeply about others and prioritize social good. Find out what companies are aiding hurricane relief efforts, and help them make a difference HERE!





Think About




How does striking the right relationship with your supply chain better your business?




An opportunity is often lost when we don’t understand the benefits of fostering good relationships with our supply chain. When we do establish these alliances, we have the chance to strengthen our business, bring new opportunities to various sectors and have a positive impact on the community. Here are 3 thoughts to remember when nurturing supply chain relationships:

  1. High-quality products from suppliers can improve the bottom line by minimizing waste and reducing cycle time.
  2. More efficiency will streamline back-office operations, including order management, fulfillment, invoices and even product curation.
  3. Good relationships with vendors lead to successful collaborations that will result in better product design and eliminate needs for redesign and re-engineering.

Dell is a great example of a company that prioritizes its supply chain management. In the last fiscal year, they spent nearly $5 billion on minority- and women-owned suppliers. They also diversify business owners by helping them land contracts with other clients. By refining its own operations and encouraging others’ success, Dell’s actions are creating bigger waves.

This isn’t to say we must break the bank to embolden our supply chain, but when you invest in your suppliers, the return on investment comes back to you and the impact on everyone becomes greater.

Read more HERE.





Job Openings




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