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The Front Porch: Sixth Edition

September 6, 2017

How well is your brand connecting with your audience?


Content marketing is likely at the very core of our marketing efforts, but it can be a tricky approach to nail on the head. According to Charlie Wollborg, Co-Founder of Moka Boka, “Google research says you have three seconds from when someone lands on your homepage to when they hit the back button.”

  • The Beard Club is showcased on Huffington Post. Way to get your story out there.
  • Differentiate from Amazon by creating personalized consumer experiences
  • Liz Cadman’s MSA Insiders, 10,000 strong, shares the latest of what subscribers crave! Tune into her Power Hour on October 4th!

Michelle Lange, SUBTA Editor


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NEW speaker! We’re excited to add Alex Brown, Co-Founder of The Beard Club, to our SixPlus – LA roll call! REGISTER HERE

Video from SubSummit ’17

Content marketing: how can we take our sound bite and turn that into a piece of content that people will actually pay attention to?
— Charlie Wollborg, Co-Founder, Moka Boka

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In The Spotlight

Applause-worthy content
The Beard Club’s content has been super on point ever since it adjusted its focus. Until recently, the company primarily engaged with long-bearded fellows. Now, it’s connecting with all men willing to grow facial hair and encouraging them to sport beards as a statement of confidence and self-expression READ MORE


Yotpo Power Hour

September 13: Big businesses like GoPro, Staples, Adore Me and Esurance have one thing in common — they all trust the same consumer-generated content marketing platform. Tune into our Yotpo Power Hour next week at 1 PM EST, and learn to collect better customer reviews, convert them to sales and turn user-generated content into your most powerful marketing tool. REGISTER NOW

Secrets Of The Best Subscription Box Companies

September 20: In this live podcast, Robbie Kellman Baxter (Membership Economy author, SixPlus-LA speaker) is revealing box companies’ secrets to success, as well as the reasons why they struggle with retention.

My Subscription Addiction Power Hour

October 4: Liz Cadman, founder of My Subscription Addiction, shares the latest updates from the MSA Insiders — her panel of 10,000 subscribers — and what they crave in subscription boxes. Learn from the MSA product evaluation tools on Wednesday, October 4 at 1 PM EST! REGISTER HERE

October 12: SUBTA announces SixPlus, a half-day workshop with top leaders and great innovators. Listen, share and address weak spots to strengthen your business. LEARN MORE

Partner Discounts

SkuVault is a warehouse management technology platform that provides fast, hands-on customer service, actionable data and automated processes to reduce supply chain inefficiencies. Enjoy $500 credit to the Small or Pro warehouse subscription plan HERE

Think About

Amazon is Walmart, and Netflix is Starbucks

“You know, if we try to out-Amazon Amazon, then that’s a losing battle,” Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO told CNBC. “What we have to do is be the specialty play. We are trying to be Starbucks and they are trying to be Walmart. So, we have to have brand intense love and focus.”

On a daily basis, it seems we hear about Amazon entering another marketplace. Books, music, movies, food, apparel and more. Many companies are fearful. The question isn’t what you should fear, but rather, what is your Amazon strategy?

  • Don’t compete with Amazon’s infrastructure. “Retailers are better off touting their consumer experiences than going after the e-commerce giant’s massive infrastructure,” shares Deliv CEO Daphne Carmeli. In fact, consider how you might work with them as an alternative distribution channel for excess product, one-time gift purchases or exclusive products (nice job, Loot Crate).
  • Don’t compete on price or selection. Focus on value creation.
  • Do compete on the consumer experience. This is it — the secret sauce. By creating a personalized consumer experience that resonates with your members, subscription box companies can differentiate themselves from the convenient, but less personal experience of Amazon. Another place for brands to stand out, where Amazon’s personality is not as evident, is social media. Start utilizing Twitter and creating shareable content on Instagram.


Job Openings

Our interactive job board will be launching soon, but we wanted to share these great opportunities with you now! Looking for good people, send job postings to

Director of Sales & Marketing | Cratejoy
Cratejoy is looking for an experienced Sales & Marketing Director to lead our seller acquisition team.  READ MORE

Community Manager | Cratejoy
The Community Manager will be responsible for community engagement for Cratejoy’s thousands of merchant customers, including …  READ MORE

Brand Director – Sports Crate | Loot Crate
The Brand Director will be a leader on the Crate (subscription box) management team, who manages the product direction … READ MORE

Data Scientist | Loot Crate
The Data Scientist will work with the data architect and company SMEs to take disparate data sets and create actionable data solutions. READ MORE

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