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6 Reasons to Attend the 6th Annual SubSummit Conference

  • Nadine Ghiran - SUBTA
  • Jul 27, 2021
  • 8 minute read

Whether you just started your business or you’re an expert with 20 years under your belt, SubSummit will give you access to resources not found anywhere else. 

This isn’t just a conference; it’s an entire experience. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that will take your subscription business to the next level. 

“I’ve been to SubSummit before, the energy is phenomenal,” says John Kelly, CEO of Caroo. “If you’re an innovator in the subscription world, you’ve got to be there.”

SubSummit is the world’s largest event dedicated to direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscriptions. This year, it’s taking place on September 21-23 in Dallas, TX. And, if you can’t make it in person, you can still join us and experience it virtually.

6 Reasons You Need to be at SubSummit, the Largest Subscription Industry Conference  

1. Gain Insightful Strategies to Grow Your Subscription Business

SubSummit’s speakers are subscription experts who are guaranteed to help you make the right decisions for your business. A few of these topics will include the best retention strategies, influencer marketing, having honest conversations with your customers, and sustainability. 

Some of the Speakers You’ll See At SubSummit: 


Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO of Zuora, will be one of the first speakers you’ll hear from. Just recently, Zuora hosted The Subscription Experience, a virtual event identifying the latest strategies to best optimize your business for consumer usership instead of ownership.

Tzuo is a firm believer that customers want an experience rather than being limited with product ownership, and he can help your business provide that. Don’t you want to be in the same room as the person who coined the phrase “The Subscription Economy?”


Nik Sharma, CEO of Sharma Brands, will teach you how to optimize your subscription brand. Sharma is an expert in digital marketing with years of experience. He works heavily on launching digital platforms, growing and scaling businesses, and guiding those businesses towards digital transformation.

Working with hyper-growth DTC brands, Sharma has been honored on lists such as AdWeek’s Young & Influential and Forbes 30 under 30. At this year’s SubSummit, he’ll share strategies he’s used to grow multimillion-dollar subscriptions, such as Hint Water. 


Patrick Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO of ProfitWell, has an all-you-can-eat buffet of subscription-related data and retention tactics. He firmly believes in following the right data points and will help you understand how valuable this process can be, and how to evaluate your numbers correctly.

His company, ProfitWell, works with subscription businesses to reduce cancellations, optimize their pricing, and provide accurate revenue reports.

Rest assured, there are a lot more speakers you can learn from in the three days worth of sessions we’ve planned for you. Simply put, there’s no limit to the knowledge you can absorb this fall.

2. Connect With Other DTC Subscription Merchants 

Surrounding yourself with a supportive group of like-minded individuals can propel you forward in your business and develop long-lasting business relationships. In subscription, there’s only one place you find this kind of support: SubSummit. 

“One of the things that I always remarked to people about SubSummit and that I love is that even if people were competing or fighting for share of wallet, they still were helping each other at the event,” says Paul Chambers, Co-Founder and CEO of SUBTA. “Every year, attendees create genuine relationships and genuine moments where they are helping each other’s businesses. That is what is really cool 一 you don’t see that very often in many industries.”

There will be hundreds of merchant attendees, all in different stages of their business journey. Many of them have been a part of SubSummit from the beginning, growing with it and genuinely involved in the success of other businesses.

Julie Ball, CEO of Sparkle Hustle Grow, is a three-time SubSummit attendee. “SubSummit is not just a conference, it’s an all-around experience,” she says. “You get to be surrounded by hundreds of industry experts, other subscription box business owners, vendors, and the people who want to help you.”

Thousands have attended SubSummit and shared their experiences and success stories with us. From Julie Ball to Anthony Coombs of Splendies and Brittany Rhodes of Black Girl MATHgic, subscription lovers continuously tell us about the power of networking at this annual event.

Running a subscription business is a challenge many of your peers have faced in the past. It can be helpful to find a common place to meet with them and learn from their experience. SubSummit gives you the opportunity to make meaningful connections with a tight-knit community of innovative merchants who often lean on each other for ideas, brainstorming and mentorship.

3. Understand How Consumers Discover, Buy and Experience New Products

Subscription boxes aren’t one-size-fits-all businesses. Consumers look for unique experiences, like discovery and delight, or even “full-stack” subscriptions. This means not only providing discovery and delight, but replenishment and access as well. At SubSummit, you’ll learn how to understand and predict what customers expect of you, and curate your boxes to those needs.

Additionally, Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses are unique: they directly provide customers with the technology that will create immediate value and support for their core operations. But not all businesses have the same level of use for those softwares. SubSummit can teach you how to personalize your technology and pricing while providing convenience to your customers.

Membership business models thrive on the need for access and the desire for a unique and private experience. They’re an exclusive community, like a country club. “Making your members feel special and part of a club builds brand loyalty and more perceived value,” says Christopher George, Co-Founder and Chairman of SUBTA. If you don’t know how to provide that kind of exclusivity, SubSummit will give you all the insights you need to make it happen.

The relationship between a subscription business and its customers is the glue that holds everything together. No matter which segment of subscription your business falls under, it’s important to create a memorable customer experience and engage your community. SubSummit can empower you with the know-how and the insights to bring your business closer to your community.

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4. Meet With Industry Suppliers

SubSummit has the largest expo hall in the industry, presenting you with the opportunity to meet and speak with dozens of suppliers. There are 133 booths that aren’t just your standard table and fliers; some suppliers even display arcade games and unexpected surprises!

Here’s a list of some top suppliers attending SubSummit:

Putting your business in front of these suppliers could increase your company’s efficiency, revenue and effectiveness. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

5. Experience the Cube Awards and the 2021 Pitch Competition

Imagine dressing up for the first time in what could be several months, walking down a beautiful, soft red carpet while the lights of the cameras flashing capture your best angle. You proceed to walk into a gorgeous room full of subscription entrepreneurs, with a meal waiting for you at your table, alongside some tasty and refreshing drinks. Got it?

Now picture smiles, loud applauses, and shiny trophies being held up high in the air throughout the evening, with some of your friends and peers being recognized for their hard work — that’s the Cube Awards, presented by FedEx.

Hopefully you’re not too exhausted after the event, because there’s an after party waiting for you to celebrate all of the wins! This is an all-star treatment that you just can’t miss, and we guarantee you’ll have memories that will last you until the 2022 Cube Awards.

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Now, if you’re a die-hard fan of Shark Tank, the Pitch Competition will be your favorite event! You can be there LIVE and watch as four companies compete head-to-head for a $20,000 prize package presented by Pitney Bowes. 

As a subscription professional, this experience can help you learn business strategies and get inspiration for your own brand. If you’re ever looking for funding in the future, the Pitch Competition can give you tips to craft a pitch deck and what data to look at for the future!

As a subscription lover and a member of a supportive community, this event allows you to cheer for entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow a successful business, something you, alongside everyone else in the room that night, are familiar with.

6. Shaping the Future of Subscription

Think of SubSummit as an investment; You’ll be meeting and connecting with subscription innovators, listening to industry leaders about the industry’s best practices, and learning how to play a critical role in the industry’s success for the foreseeable future. Together, we’re shaping the future of subscription

Only One Thing Left to Do…

Join us on September 21-23 for the world’s largest DTC subscription conference!

Get Your SubSummit 2021 Ticket

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We’ll see you in Dallas!

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