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The Front Porch: Ninth Edition

September 27, 2017

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  • Leverage customer reviews to increase sales by 27% 
  • What influences Generation Z‘s purchase decisions?

Michelle Lange, SUBTA Editor


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New podcast! Forbes contributor and retail sector expert Richard Kestenbaum has a deep understanding of consumer behavior. Tune in Oct. 18 at 3 PM EST! LEARN MORE HERE

Top Stories

Three ways to connect with Gen Z This ultra tech-savvy generation contributes $44 billion to the American economy, but their purchase decisions aren’t necessarily driven by low prices or deals. READ MORE

SprezzaBox teams with Macy’s for the holidays Come this gift-giving season, different SprezzaBoxes will be available for purchase at all Macy’s locations. READ MORE

The battle between personalization and privacy Shoppers desire personalized experiences, but 67% of consumers don’t want to create the account profiles necessary to meet these expectations. READ MORE 

New gaming subscription hopes to be the Netflix of indie video games The new service, Jump, is bringing independent games back into the spotlight and offering players an extensive library for just $10 per month. READ MORE


My Subscription Addiction Power Hour

October 4: Liz Cadman and her MSA Insiders — a panel of 10,000 subscribers — know exactly what people want out of their subscription boxes. Learn from the MSA product evaluation tools next Wednesday!

October 12: SUBTA announces SixPlus, a half-day workshop with top leaders and great innovators. LEARN MORE

Hear from Retail Thought Leader and Forbes Contributor

October 18: Richard Kestenbaum discusses the hot topics driving retail transformation and the subscription economy. REGISTER HERE

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Enjoy 10% off all yearly plans with Yotpo! This user-generated content marketing platform is known for helping businesses acquire customers, collect reviews and provide proprietary data to boost growth. Their studies have found:

  • User-generated photos on a product page increase checkouts by 27%
  • Consumers are 186% more likely to make a purchase after reading eCommerce reviews
  • Facebook ads with customer reviews and photos have 4x higher CTR than ads with brand creative

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Did You Know?

The percentage of consumers who have either used or are likely to use live video to speak with customer service representatives from major brands, according to Retail Dive.

Think About

How to lead a team to give 100%

“If we hold the reins too tight, our people make process-based decisions instead of ones that make sense at that time, in that unique situation, for that individual guest. We can create empowerment by getting our people to think about how they can solve a problem — starting with ‘yes’.
 Virgin Australia’s General Manager of Inflight Experience, Tash Tobias

Leadership has always been integral to Virgin’s success. The brand has been thriving for close to 50 years, thanks to the conviction of their leaders, and their ability to empower their teams to give (and get!) 100 percent.

  • It’s no secret that empowerment is an essential aspect of modern leadership, Tash puts this into perspective.
  • “Leadership is about really looking after the people in your care. It’s about removing their obstacles and making it easy for them to deliver exceptional customer experiences. It’s not about telling them what to do, or how to do it,” Tash says.
  • In doing this, she places utmost importance on transparency and connectivity. Tash explains: “Really strong leaders can make a connection in 60 seconds — it’s not really about formal meetings, or a long email to a team or team member. It’s about constant quick conversations and staying in touch with what’s happening for people.”

Read more HERE.

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