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The Front Porch: Fourth Edition

August 23, 2017

Know your subscribers like the back of your hand.

You’re getting to know us, and we’re getting to know you. Now it’s time for us to become familiar with our target audiences.

Understanding our subscribers and their habits helps us design compelling experiences, grow our businesses and reduce churn. Key takeaways:

  • We’re all ears for author Anne Janzer’s live podcast today at 1 PM! She’s sharing best practices for deepening subscriber relationships.
  • Retain about 89% of your customers with omnichannel strategies
  • Leverage big data to better see how consumers behave, gain a better return on marketing efforts

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Michelle Lange, SUBTA Editor


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Video from SubSummit ’17

“We’re really focused on keeping people within the ecosystem by building a community and a loyalty system that keeps people engaged and interested in being a part of your community, regardless of what it is you’re putting in the box.” — Matthew Arevalo, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Loot Crate

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To Grow, Work Outside the Box

August 23: Switch gears from focusing on what goes inside your box to thinking outside the box! Anne Janzer, author of Subscription Marketing author, will share data, metrics and how to nurture the experience. REGISTER NOW

October 12: SUBTA announces SixPlus, a half-day workshop with top leaders and great innovators. Listen, share and address weak spots to strengthen your business. LEARN MORE

In The Spotlight

Kudos, Bulu Box! Thanks to its Turnkey Subscription Box Solutions™, this SUBTA Advisory Board Member landed a spot in the top half of Inc. 5000 — a prestigious list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Other box brands who ranked on the list include FabFitFun, Bombfell and Mystery Tackle Box.

Curator’s Corner

Whipping up perfectly-curated items month after month is an art! Gather tips, tricks and advice from the brilliant minds behind some of your favorite boxes!

In our first series, Gentleman’s Box Co-Founder John Haji discusses how focusing on your niche helps improve the procurement process and allows curators to determine what their fans want to see.

Partner Discounts

All Star Corrugated knows that every subscription box faces different needs and challenges. They take the time to understand each brand’s unique perspective and offer excellent quality and innovative packaging solutions. Enjoy 50% your tooling costs HERE

Think About

1.     Does going to bed before midnight matter?
2.     What is the most common time for runners to run?
3.     What do AI and Big Data have in common?

Let’s start with #3. Data is the fuel that AI requires to learn and help marketers better understand their prospects’ needs. Each year, the amount of data we produce doubles, and it is predicted that within the next decade there will be 150 billion networked sensors (more than 20 times the people on Earth). This data is instrumental in helping AI devices learn how humans think and feel, accelerates their learning curve and allows for the automation of data analysis, as shared by Bernard Marr.

This is why companies like Under Armour purchased MapMyFitness. If they understand when, where and how long people run, they can better engage with their audience when it matters most.

Forbes contributor Richard Kestenberg provides a strong case for data and examples of how marketers are using data to deepen customer relationships and offer products timed to their needs.

Q1. People who crawl into bed before midnight get an extra 28 minutes of deep sleep, on average.
Q2. 6 PM on a Saturday, Monday or Tuesday.


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